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Most of the GIMDES halal certified firms continue their Halal product exports. Similarly, ALPHINDI, having obtained a Halal ceritificate from GIMDES, has been exporting Halal products for the past 5 months.
According to the information received, ALPHINDI’s exports to Kuwait, Libya and Tunisia have reached about 388 tonnes of turkey meat in this time period.
This total sum of exports can be broken down as 47 tonnes to Kuwait, 15 tonnes to Libya, and 326 tonnes to Tunisia.
Firm officials have informed that the exports will continue.
The GIMDES Halal certified products are constantly being accepted and preffered due to their exceptional standards and their meticulous and careful implemenation.
GIMDES slaughtering standards:
All forms are accepted as long as mechanical knives are not used, which are not allowed:
6.3.1: In poultry slaughtering, one or more butcher must be employed for manual slaughtering. The number of butchers is dependant on the production volume of the plant. The butchers must be Muslims. The butcher/s must recite, from memory, the line ‘Bismillah Allahu Akbar”, right before slaughtering, by knife and hand in order, the live poultry arriving via a moving line.
6.3.2: A single-orifice type of knife must always be used and must be constantly kept sharpened.
6.3.3: During slaughtering, the poultry’s larynx, esophagus, and major blood vessels in the neck is cut. The neck must be snapped in one attempt.
6.3.4: The butcher must carefully re-check that each bird has been slaughtered. The birds must be dead as a result of the slaughtering before being sent for plucking.
6.7.5: During the process of plucking, the polutry can be passed through clean water with maximum temperature of 54°C.