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Today, I recited bismillah, sat in my chair at GIMDES, and turned on my computer and internet as usual.

While I was surfing on the internet I was touched as one of our brothers posted a video of our speech, we had at the BAŞAKŞEHİR YOUTH EDUCATION AND ASSISTANCE ASSOCIATION, where we attended with their invitation, I was affected.

The important point of this situation was the note he put at the beginning of his broadcast. This note affected me, made me happy, made me cry, made me proud and enabled me to announce this good news to my friends.

The note was;

If you had seen someone running for water in the desert, you would have said, “Don’t run in vain, brother, there is no water here,” but ZEMZEM was granted by our Lord ALLAH because of that effort. That’s why we are responsible for making efforts without paying attention to the people around us saying ‘don’t try in vain’.

Thank Allah that made us one of those lucky ones. Halal Food. Today, through the path opened by GIMDES, I pray Allah that thousands of young and old people, with Halal Dunya Markets which they opened day and night despite all the difficulties to produce, spread and distribute HALAL LOKMA that is the command of Allah (SWT), with their production facilities are received Halal and Tayyib Certificate from GIMDES despite all the difficulties, will be the beneficiaries of this good news inshallah.