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GIMDES Presented Halal Food Subject in Trabzon

GIMDES President Hüseyin Kami BÜYÜKÖZER and Chief Auditer Ali Riza KURUM were in Trabzon in 27th November 2015 for two conferences which were organized by Halal Dunya Markets Trabzon Branch and ESDER Trabzon. The conferences were at Faculty of Theology and Cultural Center.

Faculty of Theology conference at 14.30: Multidimensional Food Economy, Food Additives, Why Halal Food, Characteristics of Halal Certification.

Cultural Center conference at 17.30: How is Halal Certification performed, What are food additives, What are the challenges in drugs, Importance of Halal Food?

After conferences, it was declared that Somuncu Baba bakeshop’s Halal certificate issued with free of charge as a GIMDES social project. Somuncu Baba Bakeshop has requested to take their halal certificate. So, GIMDES lead auditor team visited the bakeshop and performed a control audit.

Dean Emin Aşıkkutlu, Dean’s Assistant Ali Fidan, Ortahisar Municipality president Ahmet Metin Genç, Saadet Trabzon manager, ESDER president Muhammed Uçar attended to the conferences. A question and answer section took place at the end of the conference.