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Huge Interest From World To Global World’s Halal Window

Visitors gave huge interest to WHC Stand.…

World Halal Council has opened a useful stand in 3rd Halal and Healthy Products Exhibition. Many exhibitors from domestic and abroad has visited WHC stand.
The personnel that was appointed by GIMDES gave relating explanations and instruction to visitors about their questions in Turkish, English and Arabic language. GIMDES employees delivered the brochure which explained WHC to the visitors.

What is World Halal Council (WHC)?

World Halal Council (WHC) is become the heart of Ummah in Halal certification by global acceptance of Halal Certification and accreditation. World Halal Council is established on 1999 in Jakarta. There are various members from all over the world. The main purpose of this important organization is halal certification and accreditation procedure standards.