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Halal Standard of SANHA

Muhammed Said NAVLAKHİ, president of South African Halal Certification Authority SANHA, who is also a WHC member, visited us at the14th Halal and Tayyib Products Fair in CNR Food Istanbul Complex, which was completed on September 3, and visited the WHC booth opened within GIMDES. On this occasion, we are publishing an article in the latest published Bulletins.

In a bygone era when bread making involved a few simple ingredients derived naturally, the need for Halaal Certification was perhaps not required. However, with evolution to mass production with additives for longer shelf life, nutrient fortification, emulsification, colouring, etc. in addition to globalisation, ensuring the Halaal status of breads became a minefield of complexities. It is more than just a bread and butter issue with all of baking coming under the spotlight for the following reasons;

  • Ingredients / premixes used may contain improvers such as L-cysteine which is commonly derived from human hair.
  • Pan greases may not be Halaal compliant due to incorporation of natural animal fats.
  • Possible use of animal fats, such as lard (rendered pig fat), for glazing or greasing purposes. The pig is labelled by Shari’ah (Islamic law) as ‘najisul ain’ i.e. a core impurity, usage of which is forbidden and thus avoided by Muslims.
  • Contamination with Haraam (non-Halaal) meat products in storage, handling, preparation, and processing poses a huge risk. This is exacerbated by staff bringing in non-Halaal food in the processing area.
  • Natural bristle (pig hair) basting brushes are commonly used in bakeries.
  • Possible use of brandy, sherry and other liquors in certain confectionery products and flavour components.
  • Gelatine derived from non-Halaal slaughtered animals is sometimes used as a stabiliser and aerating agent in mousses, cheesecakes, other desserts and even in fresh and sour whipped creams.
  • Some colourants, such as carmine, (also known as – E120, carminic acid, CI 75470, natural red 4 and crimson lake) are non-Halaal. Carmine, for example, is derived from the crushing of the female cochineal beetle and its babies.

Our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who is a perfect example for mankind, “The halal (lawful) is clear, and the haram (prohibited) is clear, and between them are unclear matters that are unknown to most people. Whoever is wary of these unclear matters, has absolved his religion and honour. And whoever indulges in them, has indulged in the haram (prohibited).