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Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER

Assalamualaikum, my brothers and sisters. We realize that it is a sad Friday. May our day be auspicious and fruitful, insha’Allah. Our inspection work continues with the permission of Allah Almighty. May Allah (SWT) make our inspections beneficial, fruitful, accident-free, healthy and easy, and may God grant healing to our patients.

We strongly condemn the massacres and cruelties that the traitorous, cruel Israeli infidel has inflicted on our oppressed and victimized Palestinian brothers in recent days right next to our country, and we complain to You. Have mercy on the martyrs of these brothers and grant healing to the wounded. The believer is the one who mobilizes all means of help when his brother is in a difficult situation, and when he finds out, strengthen our helping hand and extend it.

“Our Lord! Grant us mercy from Yourself and guide us rightly through our ordeal.” (Surah Al-Kahf, Ayat 10)

“We will certainly test you with a touch of fear and famine and loss of property, life, and crops. Give good news to those who patiently endure who say, when struck by a disaster, “Surely to Allah we belong and to Him we will ˹all˺ return.” (Surah al-Baqara, 155 – 156)

“Oh Allah! Please protect our country, our nation and the Ummah of Muhammad from all kinds of disasters, calamities, the oppression of oppressors and all kinds of evil. OUR LORD! HAVE MERCY ON US. GIVE CALMNESS TO THE SKY AND THE EARTH. PROTECT US FROM EARTH AND CELESTIAL CAPABILITIES. DON’T DESTROY US. ACCEPT OUR REPENTANCES.

May Allah (SWT) be our protecter and helper.