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In one verse, our Lord says, “The pleasure of Allah and the blessings of Paradise are for those who are patient, who do not stray from the truth, those who bow down in peace, spend good deeds, and beg for forgiveness at dawn” (Surah Al-i Imran, 3/17).

Allah Almighty says in another verse; “Indeed, those who have taqwa will be in the gardens of Paradise and springs, having received the reward that their Lord gave them. Because they were doing good before that. They slept very little at night. They used to ask forgiveness from Allah at the time of dawn (Surat al-Dhariyat, 51/15-18”).

At dawn (Sahar); It is the time before the hour, which is declared as “imsak” in the calendars, comes. Those who wake up at this time, take refuge in Allah through prayer and prayer, and shed tears by repenting and asking forgiveness are praised in the Qur’an.

Because at this time, sincerity is experienced more, hypocrisy is less busy with our worship, fear of Allah is at its peak within us, we hope more from Allah. Would I be satisfied to comply with this call as much as possible?

Our Prophet (pbuh) related an issue that concerns us very closely as follows: “Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, descends to the heavens of the world every night when the last third of the night remains, and says: ‘I am the owner of the property! Whoever prays to me, I will answer him. Whoever wants it from me, I will give it to him. Whoever asks for forgiveness for me, I will forgive him.’ This continues until dawn.” (Tirmidhi, Namaz, 326)

We should not risk the morning prayer in any way. Those who do not wake up at night due to their job, but who do not neglect the morning prayer, will hopefully be blessed at dawn by performing the morning prayer.

My Allah! Provide us with îmân in this world and with Your consent in the hereafter! With tawhid in the world, In the Hereafter, provide for Your mercy! With trust in the world, in the Hereafter, provide with forgiveness! With Your love in the world, Provide sustenance with Your Ru’yat al Jamaal in the hereafter! With delivery to You in the world, Provide sustenance with various blessings of Paradise in the hereafter! Thanks to the world with patience and contentment; Provide sustenance with the devotions of Paradise in the hereafter! With Your halal and tayyib blessings in the world; Provide us with all the beauties and blessings of Paradise in the hereafter! With peace and happiness in the world, Provide sustenance with eternal bliss(sa’adat) in the hereafter! Protect us from the torment of Hell!