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“Say, “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” None will be mindful ˹of this˺ except people of reason.” (Surah Az-Zumar, Ayat 9)

When we look at the groups that affect production in the world, we will understand better the inadequacy of the quality and standards imposed on us.

In Food and Agriculture: FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), in Health: WHO (World Health Organization), In Politics: UN (United Nations), In Security: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), In Trade: WTO (World Trade Organization), In Economy: IMF (International Monetary Fund), Judiciary: ICC (International Criminal Court), Environment, such as UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), etc.

Today, all humanity is in a hurry to make a reliable and qualified choice, from the food they consume to the clothes they wear and the hotel they stay in.

All humanity living in the world, especially the Islamic ummah, has no longer had any confidence in the quality systems that are said to certify that a product has quality, healthy, hygiene and similar values. Because all the production systems used, especially the food sector, that have received quality certificates because they are supposedly of high quality, hygienic and healthy, are the triggers of the diseases and problems we experience in this century. The inadequacy of the quality certification methods revealed by modernity in all our life conditions, especially an unhealthy diet, has emerged with the Halal and Tayyib certification system.

The malnutrition caused by fast food, cola, cigarettes, alcohol and many harmful chemical additives and the lack of movement of our people has increased our unhealthy lifestyle to dangerous levels. This lifestyle has led to a rapid increase in diseases such as heart diseases, heart attacks, stroke, cancer, blood pressure, blood sugar, obesity, Alzheimer, and immune system disorders. The spiritual dimension of our halal life system is more catastrophic.

The rapid increase in fabricated production, ready-packaged foods, and this so-called high-quality production system have alienated humanity from the halal and tayyib consumption system it deserves. Today, the Islamic Ummah is seeks the halal morsel it has lost, that is, the right to consume halal and tayyib products. The halal life, which we have lost in the products and other necessities produced in the halal and tayyib system, constitutes the beginning and the most important link in our halal morsel responsibility.

It is essential that every step of the process, from seed to embryo, from farm to table, is checked with the halal stamp. This is where GIMDES comes into play. In all his works, it tries to explain with examples that the Halal and Tayyib production system is the only quality and reliable certification system in the world.

May Allah (SWT) be our protector and helper.