We witness with tears that our brothers in Gaza, who have been struggling to survive in difficult conditions under the blockade for years, have been subjected to great oppression for years.

We are working together to heal the wounds of our brothers in Gaza.

Upon the requests of many of our brothers and sisters, it was possible to turn my Life Story into a book. My Life Story was published in Turkish.The sales price of our book was determined as 75 Turkish liras (2.5 €) . After the expenses were deducted, it was decided that the remaining income would be delivered to Gaza. We would like to inform you about the results of our consultation with Mr. Hakkı AYGÜN, who is also a member of the Board of Directors of GİMDES, one of the trustees of the Hayrat Foundation, who we know has done serious work on this issue:

1000 of our books will be sold for 75 TL / 2.5 € each. After deducting the expenses, all remaining income will be delivered to Gaza as canned qurbani meat. May our Lord Almighty complete it, bless you and accept your good deeds.

This Eid, we will sacrifice animals for our brothers in Türkiye and deliver them canned to our brothers via Kindness Ships.

Gaza Share Price: 12,000TL / 344 Euros

Additionally, you can contribute to our project by sending a charity. At this point, our work continues.
So far, 300 of our brothers have participated in this call and sent their amounts to our account.

For our brothers and sisters who will participate:


Bank address: Ikitelli OSB Mahallesi, Bagcilar Gungoren Sitesi Is Merkezi, B blok, No:1, Daire:21, 34174, Basaksehir- ISTANBUL- TURKIYE
Beneficiary account holder: DUNYA HELAL VAKFI
₺ Account number: 93737332-101
₺ IBAN: TR60 0020 5000 0937 3733 2000 01

€ Account number: 93737332-102
€ IBAN: TR49 0020 5000 0937 3733 2001 02

$ Account number: 93737332-102
$ IBAN: TR76 0020 5000 0937 3733 2001 01

“Gaza Qurban” should be written in the description section.

*The current price is valid for those who will pick up our book from GIMDES Headquarters. However, for those who will purchase it by courier, shipping will be provided at buyer’s expense. After depositing the relevant amount to the above IBAN account for your book orders, you are kindly requested to send your Name-Surname, Mobile Phone, Address and Receipt information to the e-mail address “”.

Hayrat Foundation’s statement on this issue is as follows:

Information: 500 male bull bulls, 2 years old, were purchased. May Allah be pleased with those who contributed. Our Ankara corporate office made great efforts. Thank you.

242,260 total kg, approximately 485 kg per animal average. The animals were placed in the feedlot in Afyon Şuhut.

It will be slaughtered on the 2nd and 3rd day of the Eid in integrated facilities, canned and sent to our brothers in Gaza via Kindness Ships, insha’Allah.

May God grant us the ability to take care of it without any accidents and in accordance with his consent, to slaughter it according to Islamic methods and to deliver it to our Gaza brothers.

When all costs are added, the price of 12,000 TL / 344 € per share we have determined seems to be just enough, insha’Allah.

We will stop accepting donations once 3,500 share donations are completed. If the donation is low (and we hope there will be more), it will be slaughtered during the Eid and sent as canned meat to our Gazan brothers as a charity sacrifice.

May Allah grant him His consent and grace.