‘Vampire israel Continues Gaza Massacre. The whole world, especially Muslims, is watching… We only curse it with our bloody tears….’

The article we published on our website 10 years ago. There is nothing new under the sun, right?

11.07.2014 RAMADAN

‘What has changed today? Even during these holy days of Ramadan, GAZA is still bleeding under fire. The murderer is struggling to survive under Israel’s siege and the world’s embargo.

2 billion Muslims are still unaware of their power. They continue to sleep. Only the voice comes from Türkiye. There is an overwhelming silence all over the world…

Look at the irony of history that:

While EGYPT, the land of the pharaohs, oppressed the oppressed Jews back then, today it is oppressing our oppressed Palestinian brothers together with the cruel and murderous Zionist Jews.

Once again, we felt in our bones what it is like to burn, to have the heart burning as if it were cauterizing… Oh Gaza… Oh Palestine!

While Zionist Israel was dropping tons of bombs, some were praying and some were having iftar.

They massacred children.

There was such a scene that the pain that stuck in my throat has been in my body for days…

An aunt who breaks her fast…

She died in the bombs thrown by the Zionists before she even had the chance to eat her modest iftar dishes with a spoon in her hand.

What was her crime?

What was her crime other than being a Muslim in the occupied lands?

What was the baby’s fault, with his pacifier around his neck covered in blood?

What kind of terrorism are we talking about if they make us defend the idea that “Palestinians did not kidnap the 3 Jews” against those who declare those who defend their lands and bring aid to them terrorists through psychological warfare?

Are we going to accept that those who murder people are oppressed and those who are murdered are terrorists?

Is that why we do not react adequately to those who leave our country to commit massacres?

Why did Israel call its citizens with reservist status residing in various countries? So they can have a picnic?

The Zionist regime will immediately call 40,000 Israelis to the occupied territories to return to the army, and we will remain silent?

There will be an explosion on the Istanbul-Tel Aviv flights and Israelis with dual passports will run for the massacre, will we wave our hands after them?

Weren’t they the ones who went there and questioned our citizens during the Mavi Marmara massacre? Aren’t we going to warn those who define themselves as Jews from Türkiye to not go and support the Zionist massacre?

The leader of my country, who said “I am on the side, relations with Israel will not improve as long as the oppression continues”, please do not allow this!

I call on THY, stop these flights!

I call on prosecutors to open an investigation against those who went to fight in Israel for the massacre!

I call on the public to boycott the companies that make money in my country and send it to Israel!

I call on humanity that has not lost its conscience to stop these murderers who even attack ambulances and hospitals!

Do your best to ensure that the Rafah gate is opened as soon as possible and humanitarian aid can be brought into Gaza…

We can only overcome the difficult and troublesome process that the Islamic world is going through by uniting. We cannot watch our oppressed brothers being slaughtered while Muslims are distracted by sectarian conflicts.

Undoubtedly, the traces of the smoke of the fire are on all of us; everyone should clean themselves first, not the people around them.

And now we need to see that this war is not limited to Palestinian lands and act accordingly.

If UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon blames Hamas and says that if it does not stop firing rockets, a land operation by Israel is inevitable, what else are we supposed to talk about?

If the UN, the USA, France, England and others say that our red line is Israel’s security, it is a shame for us if we still cannot cross that red line!