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A 7 Day Trip as Guest of  Korean Islamic Federation

Dr. Husein Kami BUYUKOZER, the President of GIMDES and Murat SAYIN, responsible for international relations, participated in the activities of Halal Conference as special guests.

At 6th August, Seul Central Mosque, which is also used as the centre of the Islamic Unity was visited. A meeting was conducted at Union’s guests salon with Muhammad Kim, the President of the Korean Muslim Federation, and Rahman Lee, the imam of the mosque. They expressed that the support of GIMDES is important for them, so they want to have collaboration in works. GIMDES President said that halal certification is an iman pure issue and it is explained in the Holy Quran that ‘halal’ and ‘tayyib’ principles are necessary for all people. Therefore, the association that give halal certificate to the companies must have a good technical and fiqh information base and experienced staff. He stated that GIMDES will support them in terms of training and education.

At 7th August after Jumuah prayer, expo area was visited. At 14.30, Dr. BUYUKOZER made a presentation in English for 30 minutes to an audience of 300 people. The stands in expo were also visited. The brochures for publicity of GIMDES, Halal Expo in Istanbul on 22-25th of October, and workshop activities were distributed. Besides, halal certified Turkish delight with black cumin, ginger and cinnamon of AKSOY brand were offered to the participants.

At 8th August, Murat SAYIN made a presentation in English at 14.30 that was listened by audiences carefully.

At 9th August, firstly, the stands in expo were visited again. Then Dijon, the previous capital of Korea, was visited to renew the certificate of Daeduk lab Company which was certified by GIMDES before. At 10th August, the audit controls were done, and then at 11 August GIMDES delegate came back from Korea to Turkey.

We saw again the works that Muslims strive for 30-40 years to improve Halal Certification are approved by communities. The former Patrons recognized the reality, so they are now trying to continue their exploitation of 100 years by ordering the administrators of Muslim and non-Muslim states to found “Halal Certification Corporations” so called which belong to themselves. Philippines, Thailand, and Arab World are planning collaboration in this way. The Ummah of Islam must be aware of that kind of plans.

The issue that we are proud of is that Muslim population of 135000 people in 55 million South Korean populations always remember and memorialize with respect the name of Sheikh Zubeyr. Referring his name with respect in publication journals of Korean Islamic Federation, books, videos, and articles shows the good position he achieved.

Dr. Husein Kami BUYUKOZERsaid that, many years ago, in 1980s we came across with Seikh Zubeyr in Germany and made some studies together. I listened his previous Korean studies. Today I met the next generations of followers of Seikh Zubeyr in South Korea which I visited for the first time with an invitation of a Halal expo and conference. I saw that a small service can lead to big results. I share the things that I learned and listened from these people as an appreciation duty.

The Conqueror of Korea… Seikh Zubeyr Koc

The Great Success of Seikh Zubeyr Koç

May Allah give him peace if he is alive and make him enter to Paradise if he went to Allah’s glory. And may Allah destine us to follow his way. Amin…

Seikh Zubeyr attended the war in Korea with Turkish army. He conduced 211 people to become Muslim and opened a mosque in one year. He has a big contribution in this increase of the number of Muslims which exceeded 135000 today. There is no doubt that there are many reasons for this rapid improvement. But one of them is really interesting. Attending of Turkish soldiers to Korean War, especially Seikh Zubeyr, had an important effect on Korean people to like Islam. The number of Muslims in Korea became 211 people in the one year period that Imam Zubeyr lived there. Before he left Korea, the first mosque was built as a shanty and its minaret by using bins… The request of Koreans for a mosque was informed to Turkish Brigade Commander ULUCEVİK and then Turkish General Staff. Ankara gave a permission to Turkish soldiers to built and open a mosque. The mosque was built by Turkish and Korean soldiers together and opened by Brigade Commander Cemil ULUCEVIK.

Christian missionaries had reactions to the conferences in which Seikh Zubeyr explained Islam. The priest of the Far East Armies came to stop him from explaining Islam. The priest said “The base of the religions is the same. We are working already, so there is no need for Islam.” But Seikh Zubeyr did not give up. Christian missionaries expressed the issue in newspapers firstly. English newspapers took notice of the issue and made news for a long time about the improvement of Islam in Korea. The works were reported to Vatican. They tried many times to make him give up his mission, but he kept on explaining about Islam. As a matter of fact, it is said that these prevention trials made an opposite effect. 10 American people became Muslim after talking to him.

Zubeyr Koç, turned back to Turkey after his one year job was completed. Firstly, he graduated from Imam Hatip high school, and then he finished his studies in an Islamic Institute. He worked as imam, preacher and mufti in different districts of Turkey. In 1983, he was retired and went to Germany. Korean people says about him, “we learned Islam from Seikh Zubeyr Koc”.

I repeat my prayer. May Allah give him peace if he is alive and make him enter to Paradise if he went to Allah’s glory. And may Allah destine us to follow his way. Amin…