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Production of drugs and vaccines to cure diseases is still ongoing today with ignorance of Muslims’ faiths. Currently, “we have to invent new diseases for selling more drugs” mentality is dominated by a drug mafia in the whole world. This mentality doesn’t focus on a cure. They focus to increase diseases and patients instead. It seems that the only power source for rescue all humanity from this mentality is Islam Ummah.  It depends on the absolute cooperation between Muslim doctors, Muslim pharmacist, and Muslim drug producers, having Islamic curriculum universities, Scholars and Health Ministries.

Firstly, the members of this chain have to emphasize current health and medication method. Does the foremost target fight with disease? Or “preventive medical” “dissemination of healthy life and nutrition”, “correct disease definition and right treatment”. After determination of the issues, the current imported raw materials, main ingredients and auxiliary substances of drugs that use for Muslims treatment must obey Islamic faith. We should explain more with the examples of today western drug applications to understand how important to think this way.

The dominated western health mentality hasn’t provided health to human being, including their own communities all over the world. The main diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, cancer and obesity increase all over the world especially in western countries nowadays. Besides millions of healthy people are transformed a lifelong drug addict due to pretext disorders.