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Just a few years after the establishment of GIMDES, our teacher, who continued to be a member of our Technical Science Board, was reunited with Rahmat al Rahman. May God Almighty have mercy on him and grant him a place in heaven. Our last phone conversation was a few weeks ago. To request them to write an article for our Halal Life Guide Magazine. His father, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, was one of his students and he was also educated in that source. Since the date our magazine started publication, we have written articles for God’s sake and published them in our magazine in many issues. He was a speaker at our international conferences. Our teacher has always been our companion in our journey of Halal and Tayyib life.

I am sharing again his article titled “EVERYTHING IS NOT FREE” which he wrote for the Halal Life Guide magazine in 2009 as tabarruk.

Everything is NOT free.
One of the issues that people are most interested in is their health. Considering this, media outlets talk a lot about health issues. It is thought that one way to increase the ‘rating’ in publications is to benefit from people’s curiosity and interest in issues related to their health, and especially in the tabloid press, various and extensive publications are made on health-related issues to the public. However, health issues are mentioned from a non-religious perspective in these publications made by the tabloid press, as they are generally based on foreign sources. In these publications of the tabloid press, among various topics contrary to our religion, we sometimes come across mentions of the health benefits of wine. Every Gregorian New Year, the tabloid press, which encourages those who want to go even further in imitating the debauchery of the West with their sinful lust, also gives wide coverage to their advice on drinking alcoholic beverages. For example, it is a very instructive situation that a doctor with an academic title in a leading publishing company on this subject went beyond his limits in giving wrong fatwas, especially in his health articles before the Gregorian New Year, by saying “Everything is free tonight”.

Encouraging hundreds of thousands of people to commit haram acts in such an irresponsible manner and causing them to commit haram acts will of course have a price and punishment in the afterlife, in the Great Court.

The news that a group of university students in Ankara had gathered at a friend’s house to have fun on New Year’s Eve until midnight (probably because they were drunk) and lost their lives because they could not notice the leakage of the natural gas chimney, was among the first news the next day. One of the reasons for this situation is that those dead students, in order to get their rights in the Great Court in the afterlife, read the article with the big title “EVERYTHING IS FREE TONIGHT” in large fonts in the newspaper we read that day. Is it unlikely that they could say this?

Allah SWT commands us to choose and take the halal and clean sustenance He gives us, and He tests us regarding this choice in this world. He puts the most healing elements in the simplest, easiest and cheapest sustenance for our benefit. Even whole wheat alone has so many benefits for us as food and in protecting us from some diseases. If we look around; The entire universe, living and non-living, serves the human race, which Allah SWT created as “the noblest of creatures”. If the Sun did not attract our Earth from a distance of one hundred and fifty million km at every moment of the day and night, wouldn’t we be thrown into 270 degrees cold and dark space and perish? Apart from the attraction of the sun on our earth, its vital importance for us is so great.

Let’s think about the earth’s soil, surface and underground water resources, the atmosphere, winds, rain, snow, various underground substances, oil, natural gas; and various plants that we benefit from their fruits, flowers, roots, leaves, stems, bark on the stem, seeds; honey, which comes out of a poisonous insect and is a source of healing for us; milk, meat, oil, skin, wool, bones, and even horns of some mindless animals being given to us for our use.
Who gave these to us to benefit from?

One of the fruits given to us as a blessing, mentioned in the Quran al Kareem, is grapes. We can eat various types of grapes as fruits in their fresh and dried form, as well as grape juice, molasses, slurry, vinegar, etc. made from them. We can also consume it as medicinal and halal food. This being the case, turning it into alcohol and taking it means violating the prohibition imposed by Allah Taâlâ. While the circle of halal is wide and sufficient for need and desire, those who aspire to haram are responsible and deserving of punishment for their wrong choices. Regarding how we use our mind and partial will, Allah SWT tests us in this matter, as in every other matter. Apart from researching and taking what is halal for us in the form of food and drink, we are also tested to make the right choice not to be treated with what Allah has forbidden us. Those who do not give up on what Allah SWT has forbidden in this test put themselves in great spiritual danger by not considering that they may be punished for it.