World Halal Day (17th of Holy Month of Ramadhan)

World Halal Day (17th of Holy Month of Ramadhan)
Last year it was my humble suggestion to start an initiative to celebrate every 17th day of Ramadan as “WORLD HALAL DAY”.
I had consulted some of my Brothers in different countries and by the grace of Allah, they have all supported the idea of having a World Halal Day which will be commemorated each Ramadan, particularly on the 17th day of the holy month.
Members of WHC had also supported this idea and it was decided that each member celebrate this special day as best as they could.
Now we have only a couple days to Ramadhan. Allah make this coming Ramadhan barakah, peack and hayr for Muslims.
We are going to celebrate the 17th Ramadhan on Monday, 14 July.

What is the reason for 17th of Ramadhan for Halal day?
Esteemed Ulamas declared that the first ayat on Halal was Ayat 69 of Sura Anfal ((8:69). This ayat was revealed in 17th Ramadan in 624 (A.H. 2) during (or after) Battle of Badr, the first battle between Islam and kufr.

“So consume what you have taken of war booty [as being] lawful and good, and fear Allah . Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (8:69)
Man is formed by what he eats. This means there is a direct relation between the body and spirit and what the person is nurtured with. If he eats Halal and Tayyib, his body and spirit will be healthy, body physically and mentally.
If a person is a victim of food terror of today, then he is entitled to become the food for all terror. I mean if we want to raise next generations as benevolent, Allah-fearing, honest, then we have to make sure that their food must be Halal and Tayyib. Otherwise, they will probably be selfish, greedy, insubordinate.
Islam is not a simple act of pray. It is a whole life system prepared by Allah for the good of people.
People have also the right of choice. Consumers of Halal choose Halal because they know this is good for their body and spirit and more important this is what Allah permits. There are people (Muslim or non-Muslim) who don’t know or care about Halal. It is our responsibility to awaken those people and give them the options. They might go ahead for non-Halal. Then it is their choice.

If we try to leave Islam as ordered, we should Support activities that help increase awareness in the public and more important we have to be good examples ourselves.
Yes, we are starting a new Ramadhan. May Allah shower His blessings on us.
As GIMDES, we are going to do the following activities on 17 Ramadhan (14 July) and we will do our best to use this special to awake one more Muslim!

1. Opening 8 Halal stands in various points in Istanbul and make announcements of World Halal Day publicly. These will be hosted by Halal Stores.
2. Opening 17 similar Halal points in several cities of Turkey and make announcements of World Halal Day publicly. . These will be hosted by Halal Stores in those cities.
3. GIMDES Youth Organization will prepare stickers of World Halal Day and distribute them.
4. GIMDES will hire some billboards in major corners of Istanbul and announce World Halal Day using decorations publicly.
5. GIMDES will send celebration cards by post and by email to all youth organizations, NGOs, Media and Halal certified companies.
6. Using Twitter, Facebook and similar social media for celebration and announcement of World Halal Day.
7. Distributing flyers and booklets in several shopping malls and centers of Istanbul

I kindly ask all members of WHC and our fellow HCBs to share their experience and their plans for activity. We will put such information on our WHC site.

May Allah guide us for His right path, give us all peace, health and protect us from fitnah.

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