All kinds of dirty tricks and plans have been put into effect for the security of Israel, which is placed in the region like a malignant tumor or a virus. The normalization agreement between UAE and occupier Israel is a small part of this plan. This plan, which is called the deal of the century by the USA while it is, indeed, the “Treachery of the Century”, is the plan of removing the existence of Palestine in Al-Quds and the Middle East, therefore, the existence of Muslims as well as narrowing Turkey’s sphere of influence. The deal between UAE and the occupier Israel is a total betrayal to Al-Quds, Masjid al-Aqsa and Palestine cause. A government that turns its back on its people will be overthrown after a while in the way it deserves. The global imperialism, which plans to open new fronts against the powerful stance of Turkey in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, wants to add new members to its campaign.

As demand for Halal certified products have grown rapidly in the past 20 years, European Union, which controls more than half of the food industry and trade of the world, tried to own the Halal by delegating CEN (The European Committee for Standardization) to prepare the standards and enforce Halal certifiers to obey their rules. This meant giving the last weapon of Muslim Ummah to the non-Muslims. Allah showed the right path to our Muslim brothers and HCBs from all over the world gathered in Istanbul in 2015 at a special meeting organized by GIMDES. The result of this historic meeting was the decision “Non-Muslims cannot interfere Halal as Halal belongs to Muslims only”. This decision was circulated worldwide by all available channels and after some time EU eventually had to cancel its works to penetrate to Halal.

Tricks of devils are not limited. When this path was closed, a group of obedient servants in some Muslim countries established so-called Halal accreditation centers, which aimed to bring non-Muslims into Halal. Those servants of the evil were so blind to realities that they only followed their masters’ voice, who instructed them how to prepare the ways to non-Muslim intervention into Halal. Through ESMA from the UAE and GAC from Saudi Arabia, the non-Muslims managed to get what they want and now because of these organizations in Muslim countries, non-Muslims took partial control of Halal certification for goods and food to be imported to Arabic countries. This way non-Muslims still maintain their dominance in the world economy and they keep control of all productions with their new system. Without the will and permission of their servants in Muslim countries, they would never get the chance, though.

The same servants continue to betray the Muslim Ummah. The deal of the UAE with Israel is a great treachery to Islam while it is a great support to the imperialist powers that want to occupy lands of Muslims from Palestine and the Middle East. The global imperialism, which plans to open new fronts against the powerful stance of Turkey in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, wants to add new members to its campaign.

In response to this imperial confrontation against the Muslim Ummah, we oppose it with the declaration that “non-Muslims and their servants cannot interfere the Halal of Muslims” and call all our brothers to stand against this agreement.

Let’s remind the order of Allah:

“Believers! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies. They are the allies of each other. And among you he who takes them for allies, shall be regarded as one of them. Allah does not guide the wrong-doers.” (Surah Al-Maida, Ayah 51)

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