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For more than ten years the International Center for Halal Standardization and Certification under the Muftis Council of Russia has been carrying out work to verify the conformity of products and services to the Halal standards.
This summer Moscow will host the event which will bring together Halal industry players, businessmen and investors, academicians and government representatives. All of them will participate in Moscow Halal Business Forum, organized annually as an important part of International Moscow Halal Expo 2013.
This year’s Moscow Halal Business Forum will consist of the 4th Moscow Halal Congress and the 4th Islamic Finance and Investment Forum.
The task of the Moscow Halal Congress is to exchange experience in the sphere of Halal certification and discuss the optimal ways of cooperation between certifying bodies as well as to build Halal logistic system in Russia and CIS countries.
Moscow Halal Congress will raise questions of Halal standard unification, interaction with public authorities, increasing volumes of Russian exports and imports of Halal products, the industry development in Russia, CIS countries and around the world.
Moscow Halal Business Forum will take place on June 13-14, 2013 at All-Russia Exhibition Centre, pavilion 75.
These Speakers conformed their participating in Halal Congress, inshaAllah:
Dr. Asad Sajjad, Pakistan
Dr. Hani Al Mazeedi, Kuwait
Dr. Kami Buyukozer, GIMDES, Turkey
Dr. Amir Sakic, Bosnia & Gerzegovina
Dr. Ahmed Mohildin, ICCI,
Dr. Aydar Gazizov, ICSC Halal