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The end of Stunning and shocking!

A company has started to make meeting regarding Alternative Halal slaughter system to stunning and shocking.

The Halal slaughtering system is based on a completely new technical principle of positioning and shackling birds in poultry processing. This system is so far the only method which meets completely strict Halal slaughter regulations enabling advanced poultry slaughterers to broaden their scope of activities into Islamic Countries.

According to company information that scientific research has proven that this procedure ensures that the animals remain calm and display no stress or excitement. The birds are kept in a cone shaped holder which prevents them – before killing takes place – from experiencing any type of stray current or other sensations which could cause unnecessary stress and pain.

This principle of the system is based on natural poultry behavior. The heads, of both larger and smaller birds, are positioned in such a way that they can be easy accessible by the butcher. The slaughter shackle runs parallel behind the cone in order to be prepared for the moment when shackling needs to take place and also simplifies the shackling. During the positioning the legs will reach an opening in the shackle so that the bird is not yet attached to the shackle to prevent unnecessary pain. The birds arrive via a carousel, containers, crates, or conveyor belts and are put in the cones in a gentle, animal friendly way. The transport rail takes them to the point where killing takes place.

The time span between positioning and killing can be adjusted in order to be in compliance with government rules and regulation. This ensures a high flexibility in operation. After the birds leave the Halal system they continue the normal slaughter process and the next step will be to go through the correct bleed out process.