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As GIMDES, we compile the list of halal certified companies every month and publish “Halal Certified Companies Brochure”. In this brochure, we have a section titled as “List of Cancelled Halal Certified Companies”. We get many questions under which circumstances GIMDES would cancel a company’s halal certificate? We tried to summarize the list of items that would be a conflict of our initial contract with the companies:

  1. If halal auditors are not allowed to the facilities at the time of unannounced inspections,
  2. If machine slaughtering tools and machinery has been identified,
  3. The companies are responsible to send the documents that will ensure the halal certified production continues according to the halal manual that was prepared during the certification process.
    If company fails to send these documents to GIMDES Halal Assurance Tracing Team,
  4. If lab analysis of the products contain additives that are not listed in the initial halal certification application discovered during Halal Assurance lab tests,
  5. If lab analysis of the products contain non-halal additives discovered during Halal Assurance lab tests,
  6. If lab analysis of the products contain contamination such as pesticide residue, heavy metal residue, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) or radiation residue etc.) discovered during Halal Assurance lab tests,
  7. If company fails to pay the dues generated from expenses for main and mid-term audits, lab analysis expenses and/or other expenses associated with halal certification in a timely manner,
  8. If company does not meet the halal standards for hygiene and cleaning code for the production line and other areas in the facility,
  9. If there is contamination between halal certified products and non-halal certified products in the same production line
  10. Slaughterhouses have to have Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV) live and open accessible to GIMDES Halal Assurance Tracing Team at all times.
    If slaughterhouse fails to provide live Video Surveillance System (CCTV) during slaughtering process.
  11. If the critical points on stunning (amperage, voltage etc.) is not carefully inspected and any chicken is identified to be death prior to slaughtering,
  12. If feather drenching unite has high temperature,
  13. If slaughter men are not following Islamic criteria for slaughtering,
  14. If the ownership changes,
  15. If the halal certified products are sold to other brands,
  16. If the halal certified products are mixed with non-halal certified products,
  17. If the raw materials were changed or different raw materials are used. These raw materials are classified depending on their effect on halalness of the product.
  18. If the brand owner company uses a different producer for their private label halal certified products,
  19. Every company needs to employ a halal coordinator in their company. If this person leaves this company in any circumstances and the company does not notify GIMDES about his separation,
  20. If company uses GMO ingredient,
  21. If company uses GIMDES halal logo on products other than their halal certified brands,
  22. If company does not notify GİMDES prior to any change that will take in their facility, production line etc.
  23. If GİMDES stumbles upon items that were declared before which might jeopardize halal system,
  24. If company uses halal certificate in a way that would cause GİMDES brand name or GİMDES halal certification system to lose public trust,
  25. If company uses their halal certified products to create impression that halal their products are halal certified and consumers can consume every product as if they were all inspected, audited and certified by GİMDES,
  26. If labor safety rules that are defined halal certification standards are not fulfilled or GİMDES observes circumstances that would risk labor safety,
  27. If pesticide and rodent prevention steps are not taken,
  28. If non-halal certified products are packaged in halal certified products.


In case the occurrence of any of the circumstances mentioned above, GIMDES will cancel this company’s halal certification.