Until the beginning of the 20th century, while Muslims were living in accordance with the orders of their religion, the people adhered to the president and the president adhered to the sharia, they were caught by a non-Muslim imperialist gang in a moment of heedlessness. The enemy squeezed the Ummah’s windpipe with all his might and knocked out the breathless Caliphate, leaving the Ummah headless. It is almost as if the imame (large bead through which the two ends of a string of prayer beads are passed and then tied to a tassel) of the ummah has been torn off and turned into rosary beads. According to the partition imperialist gang made on these lands at the table, they generated small statelets and placed the people who would be under their control at the heads of these statelets. For a hundred years, Muslims have been living under the rule of these statelets that are under the clutches and control of this gang. Muslims, who can free themselves from this trap from time to time, continue to question the Halal and Tayyib of food products and daily living conditions for 40-50 years, along with many issues that are indispensable and a matter of faith in their religion.

In the 1970s, as the new generation of Muslims began to wake up, they learned that many of the food items offered to them should not be consumed by Muslims and protected themselves against these substances.

This new trend has attracted the attention of the West, which has been in control of the world’s food production, control and trade for 100 years, and its political extension, the EU. Concerned that the production and control of the product would suddenly escape their hands, they immediately gave instructions to CEN, their Standards center, and established a fake halal standards and certification organization. They took their servants in Islamic countries with them and announced to the whole world.

This was like handing over the last weapon in its hand to non-Muslims for the Islamic Ummah. Allah Ta’ala gave farasat (acumen) to GIMDES and saw this danger. In 2015, We invited halal-sensitive independent institutions from all over the world to Istanbul. As a result of the meeting, a historic decision was taken; “Non-Muslims cannot interfere in the Halal of Muslims!” This decision reverberated around the world. By Allah’s permission and the upright stance of the Ummah, the EU was inevitably forced to cancel this practice.

However, the hands that reach out to Halal and Tayyib supplies have not given up today. With similar practices, they are trying to use a trade-centric approach by using just the name of Halal for blocking the institutions that have taken the Halal and Tayyib way of life to their own. No. We reject the efforts of subjugation in the case of Halal and Tayyib, which is the debt of the neck of the Ummah. We are working to carry out the duties that Allah has imposed on us until the end. No institution established on commercial grounds can prevent our right to live as a Muslim.

Just as in the past our efforts to live in Islam were tried to be prevented, they are now working with different styles, and we should know that even if the dates change, similar formations will continue to appear before us. The point we need to pay attention to in each new initiative is to check whether the newly emerging formations are established only for the purpose of implementing the commands and prohibitions of Allah Almighty. If we can look at the events from the perspective of Halal and Tayyib, then we can be in the right position.

And if we act with the consciousness of the Ummah, not individually, we will be able, with Allah’s permission, to eliminate the attempts that harm human rights and respect for faith, by trying to spoil our Halal and Tayyib products, as in the past.

It is out of question for an institution that has no connection with Islam, which authorizes it to provide education to institutions that provide services under secular laws, to evaluate, grade or test the standards determined by our fiqh board, which has representatives from every Ahl as-Sunnah community. GIMDES cannot be equivalent to the institutions approved by this institution. An institution that performs a religious duty as a service, contrary to human rights, cannot be forced to be certified/accreditied by an institution that is not established on Islamic foundations.

Allah (swt) is with us in our cause of righteousness.