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Many brothers from Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Moscow, Tataristan, Dagestan, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, USA, France, England, Germany and South Kore and many other countries have accepted GIMDES invitation and attend to 7th Halal and Tayyib Products Conference and 5th Halal and Tayyib Products Exhibition.

Once again, we saw that Muslims who live in various parts around the world are brothers, even if they have different color, race or language and there is brotherhood fondness between us.

The Muslims are brothers to each other, therefore make peace between your two brothers and fear Allah, so that you may gain mercy [Hujurat 49:10].

The entire Muslim nation is a single brotherhood, without any distinction for caste, creed or color. This is very important issue on Muslims nowadays, and Halal life is a way of understand that brotherhood. So, Muslims has accepted GIMDES’s invitation to get together in the 7th Halal and Tayyib Products Conferences and Exhibition for seeking Halal Products.