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Fatoni University is the first Islamic private university in the Thailand. Assoc. Dr. Panat Nontawanich and its delegation have visited GIMDES and met with GIMDES president Dr. Huseyin Kami Buyukozer.

In the meeting, GIMDES president Dr. Buyukozer mentioned the project of GIMDES Halal Dunya Association project which is called Dar’ul Halal Madrasah. This is an Islamic University project, and It is aimed to educate people both Islamic and Modern Life Sciences. Dr. Buyukozer said that we would be glad get your experiences on University.

Dr. Buyukozer mentioned due to one of the biggest demand on Islamic world is a madrasah model that teach both technical and Islamic sciences, GIMDES has started a project on it.

It is agreed to make cooperation between on GIMDES and Fatoni University.