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The Ideal Islamic Generation Cannot Be Without Halal Food

Today, the basis of the humiliation we have fallen into as the Ummah is that we have turned into an ignorant society. Although we must take Islamic measures as a reference in our thoughts, behaviours and actions, ignorance and the inertia and laziness we show in seeking the right knowledge, it has caused us to react unconsciously, wrongly, and outside of Islamic measures in the events we encounter, especially the food we consume, at every stage of our daily life.

Western Modernity entered the places it wanted to enter with a gun, the places it couldn’t reach with a gun, entered with an economy; the places it couldn’t reach with an economy, managed to enter with perverted ideas and actions, with fashion, with food and drinks, cosmetics, drugs and vaccines, tourism, technology.

However, it is time to break the strong alliance of the west with the devil. How will this be? Especially the food we consume; will be by choosing halal in every step of our lives and raising generations with the awareness of halal food.

When we look at our recent history; Turk soldier defeated our ill fate in Çanakkale with the consciousness of jihad, the longing for martyrdom and his faith in Allah (swt). At the same time, it disappointed the technological superiority of the west. This war was a clash between the weapon and the power of faith. One’s greatest trump was its military power, while the other’s greatest trump and refuge was its belief in Allah (swt). Today, the sad picture of the Islamic world is heart-breaking. The spirit needed in the face of occupation, blood, tears, looting, torture, destruction of values and lifestyle impositions; a hundred years ago; from Baghdad, Thessaloniki, Mecca, Philippines, Baku, Sulaymaniyah, Tunisia and many more Islamic lands, it is the spirit of the generation that spends its youth in the way of Allah and martyrdom for the sake of religion. We need this spirit the most today.

Those who want to pass Çanakkale yesterday; today, they have destroyed our generations with the products of haram origin they injected into our throats as if to take revenge. Therefore, generations have emerged, who do not care about what they eat and are insensitive to halal foods. The only way of salvation for the Ummah is to return to halal life. The most important link of this halal life is halal food consciousness.

The educational institutions that will give this spirit are Dar’ûl Halal Madrasah Institutions. We need to install them as soon as possible.

Dr. Huseyin Kâmi BUYUKOZER