Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER

WorldCHEM: Our guests from England, whom we met at the 2021 Halal Expo, contacted us for the mosque materials fair to be held in England in November, especially because they wanted GIMDES Halal certified products. We’ve now signed them a Halal certified carpet perfume, bathroom toilet cleaner and general cleaning deal.

Again, if GIMDES Halal certified products are available to our dealer in Russia and Belarus, they will be shipped. This dealer also wanted GIMDES Halal certified products.

JAKİM: In our news we published earlier, we had stated that the Malaysian Halal accreditation agency JAKİM has for years required GIMDES’s certificate for imports from Turkey.

Keskinoğlu Tavukçuluk ve Damızlık İşl. Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş: has the GIMDES halal certificate, which is internationally valid and preferred by many companies, taking into account the sensitivities of consumers towards consuming halal food. Keskinoğlu, which has a large market network by shipping to 30 different countries in its domestic channel and exports; GIMDES continues to increase its capacity by selling in many countries with the advantage provided by halal certificate.

Abalıoğlu Lezita: First of all, Halal Certificate is a very important and indispensable criterion for us in terms of the sector in which our company is located. As Abalıoğlu Lezita company, we export chicken products to approximately 55 countries in the world. The Halal Certificate and the international recognition of GIMDES, which we have in the Middle East countries which are our main markets and in the Balkan and African countries where the Muslim population is dense, is the main factor that we need to have both increasing our sales in these markets and entering the market.

Our company has been exporting all frozen chickens to Mauritania since 2018. With the halal container certificate we received from your company, the information we received from the employees was stated: “With the halal certificate at the port of destination, the goods are APPROVED TO BE CUT WITH HALAL CUTTING CONDITIONS, and the customs clearance of the goods is accelerated more easily and quickly”. That’s why we get GIMDES halal certificate in every container.