We pray Allah (SWT) to bring Rahmah and Khair to all the Muslim Ummah and all the humanity in these three months, which are the means of forgiveness and Maghfirah. We ask our Lord to grant salvation to our brothers who are being oppressed, especially our Palestinian brothers, as soon as possible, and pray that the oppressors will be given the punishment they deserve as soon as possible.

Sacred months… Essentially, we can call this our real and divine agenda. We are on a bright agenda that will be, insha’Allah, a means to our salvation from the false and corrupt agenda that wears us down, pollutes and drags us away from our Rabb. Allah (SWT) rains His Rahmah, forgiveness and blessings on us in these months. All days and nights of the months of Rajab, Shaban and Ramadan are full of Barakah and blessings. Moreover, the nights of Raghaib, Miraj, Baraat and Qadr in these months are full of divine blessings, which cannot be evaluated by any material or worldly measure. In fact, if we can take advantage of these days and nights with a little bit of mindfulness, attention and sincerity, we can cover many of our shortcomings on the spiritual path and become purified from our sins. So what shall we do? How can we make full use of these sacred months of opportunity?

People should congratulate each other, invite each other to dinners, make children happier, please the poor ones, receive dua’s of parents and elders, protect our religious, social and cultural values, fix our damaged education system and clothing style as well as our food and beverages. In short, we should be more active in terms of good deeds and should live more efficiently in these months. While competing in the Khair, Ikhlas (sincerity) shall not be abandoned even for a second since a small deed with Ikhlas is way greater than a thousand deeds without Ikhlas. Through this way, the society would reach tranquility and a spiritual atmosphere, which will be the reason for divine Rahmah and a means for emancipation from the troubles we are facing today because of our sins.

So then, what are we waiting for? Let’s all prepare ourselves and act accordingly to receive divine Rahmah and gifts, as people longing for divine mercy and grace.

May Allah help all of us.