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GIMDES established in 2005. GIMDES started to halal certification services in Turkey as the first international and reliable Halal organization since 2009. An idea about International Halal Dunya Market Chain brings forward that just GIMDES certified or GIMDES recognized Halal certified products selling.

The first branch of International Halal Dunya Markets opened in 2011, and now there is 43 markets branch give services all around Turkey. Demand and interest upon to open branches are increasingly going on.

GIMDES recommend all initiatives all over the world to open a branch of International Halal Dunya Market Chain in their places. This project is for all people all over the world.

There can’t be any products in this markets that can harm to faith and health. The products can’t contain gelatines which don’t know to come from which source. These products can’t contain any ingredients which cause harmful effects to your body and health. There meat products can’t contain meat which didn’t obey Islamic slaughter principles. GMO can’t enter these markets.

If you happen to pass by, please visit one international Halal Dunya market branches, and you can understand what we would like to state.