You, the human being who must have life-giving consciousness and knowledge! Stand up, come to your senses, plant the seeds of love, mercy and unity around you! Until the spirit of effort and the spirit of faith flourish…

Listen to the voice of Islam that says, “Infidelity is a nation, believers are a nation.” Put an end to these divisions…

Let’s sail to the ocean of unity and brotherhood instead of drowning in this vortex of separation and being destroyed by fragmentation…

Be a man of heart by embracing all believers with their flaws and merits! May all hopes come to life in you. May those who come to destroy and kill you come to life too.

Let’s be brothers. Let’s be one, let’s be whole. The oppression systems in the world, their gangs and puppets will only dissolve and disappear if we unite.

Differences only play into the hands of disbelievers and the enemy. You and I, we all continue to be exploited, deceived and oppressed. Come now, let’s be brothers, hand in hand, on the path of Allah (SWT).

Let us be one and together for a peaceful world in the climate of justice and love of Islam.

We invite our brothers who wholeheartedly said yes to this call, to sign the Brotherhood Agreement published on this site.

CALL TO BROTHERHOOD (Brotherhood Agreement)

Almighty Allah (SWT); “The believers are only brothers. So make peace between your brothers and fear Allah; Applying the verse “so that you may be shown mercy” (Surat al-Hujurat: 10) to my life, and the words of our Prophet (PBUH);

To comply with the commandment “You cannot enter heaven unless you believe, and you cannot truly believe unless you love each other” (Bukhari – Muslim);

I accept the following conditions in the presence of Allah (SWT) and PROMISE that I will strive for this cause with all my heart and soul.

1.) All Muslims; I LOVE and ACCEPT AS A BROTHER for the sake of Allah (SWT), regardless of color, language, race, sect, sect, opinion, sect and thought.

2.) The Mercy of Allah (SWT); Based on the principle of being together, together, loving each other and being brothers; Even though the methods, paths and ways of working are different, I COMMIT that I will treat my Muslim brothers who do not think like me with the warmth of ANSAR and MUHAJIR BROTHERHOOD.

3.) I PROMISE that I will stay away from any behavior that will harm the Islamic Brotherhood and that I will fight against all kinds of evil forces that will try to destroy the bonds of our Brotherhood.

4.) I consider it my duty to send this document to everyone I can reach, without any interest, just FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH, and I pray for Allah’s forgiveness to bring good results from this campaign…