As GIMDES, we have demonstrated our attitude against thoughts and actions that do not comply with the Islamic faith since our establishment in 2005 and we have kept our boycott weapon ready until the doomsday, and we will continue to do so with the permission of Allah (SWT).

Even though they say they are Muslims, they still continue to live by working as workers, managers, bosses, and consumers of their products in companies that loudly declare their loyalty to Jews, as if they deny their beliefs, Jews continue to martyr their Muslim brothers, from babies to mothers to the elderly, day and night, regardless of whether Ramadan has arrived.

Karim Yahi, CEO of Coca-Cola Beverage (CCI), which we know gives the greatest support to Israel every year, said: “2023 was a year in which we continued our investments intensively without compromising the investment strategy before demand. As CCI, we invested a total of 6.1 billion TL in 2023” . She underlined that they will continue investments in 2024.

Now, it is Boycott Time… Now it is time to think about where the money we spend goes… Now it’s time to think about our money we spend on buying biscuits, food and gum is used as money for whose cases, used as bullets for whose guns, and used as bombs for whose planes… Missilries ,thrown at innocent people by creatures lower than animals that blinded by blood, may be falling because of your unconscious support for American, British, French and Jewish capital. Why not… They boycotted us and shed blood. They are the modern grandchildren of the filthy polytheists,who boasted of shedding the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims,who condemned the believers to hunger and thirst in Mecca just because they were Muslims, who left no stone back wherever they entered even up to Jerusalem with their armies of Crusaders for centuries.
This is not a war.

It is an attempt to replay their wild scenarios of immoral, cruel infidels in order to enslave and destroy the oppressed peoples and to prevent the revival of the Muslim Geography. Let’s not deceive ourselves today… Let’s not shed tears on TV screens and purchase from American, British, French and Israeli companies and their collaborators… Let’s warn those who do this. Let’s examine the markets, pharmacies, cosmetologists and manufacturers we shop at. Let’s threaten them to boycott.

This is selling weapons to Jews, America and the British. The weapons you gave them will continue to hit the hearts of muslims today and tomorrow. One day, it will also shoot you, your mother, your wife, your sister and your children.
For this reason, non-governmental organizations in all countries that initiated this resistance should continue their communication, solidarity and consultation efforts uninterruptedly until results are achieved. In addition to consumers, companies producing in the country must also participate in the BOYCOTT. They should be threatened about that if they do not participate, their products will also be included in he BOYCOTT.

BOYCOTT is a serious economic blockade of the collocutor, which can only be achieved if it can be continued until the collocutor gives up. For this reason, patience and determination are very important elements in BOYCOTT. Sometimes it can last for months or even years. In these cases, if patience and perseverance cannot be maintained with the same intensity until the end, no results can be achieved and it will make the collocutor more aggressive and more daring. In order to avoid this result, Muslims must keep the BOYCOTT excitement alive by reminding and encouraging each other every day.

We must also say some words to the Muslims who work or study in the countries of the infidels during the all-out boycott. You should never forget that if the work you do does’nt benefit or serve your religion and nation more than it benefits the infidels, you may be subject to interrogation.

We, as GIMDES DHV and HDM, are determined to continue the BOYCOTT action with various actions until the end. We call on our other Non-Governmental Organizations to continue these resistances. “BOYCOTT” WE STARTED HAS REACHED IT’S GOAL. IN THE END, VICTORY WILL COME TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND THOSE WHO WORK ON THE WAY THEY BELIEVE UNTIREDLY!