We were in Dagestan with nice Muslims!…Dagestan Halal Expo

We were in Dagestan with nice Muslims!…

There were Dagestan Halal Expo events in Makhachkala the capital of Dagestan on 23-25 August and GIMDES President was ready as the private guest. Dagestan Halal Expo was organised by Dagestan Halal Certification foundation and Risalat Holding.
The shown interest and favor to GIMDES was a sign of affection to Turkey.

In the opening of Exhibition, Dagestan deputy president, Dagestan Mufti, Halal Certification Foundation president, Risalet Holding Director made a speech. After them, Moskova Mufti Council, GIMDES President Dr. Huseyin Kami Buyukozer, Kazan Halal Certification Foundation President made their speeches.

There was a forum which held two days and in the first day of the forum, GIMDES President has given a presentation about GIMDES and Halal Certification application.

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