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GIMDES Auditors Returned from Indonesia

GIMDES’ 3rd visit to Indonesia to certify 3 Producers
In recent years, developments with Indonesian Halal Certification body (Majelis Ulama Indonesia – MUI) turned sour. We witnessed applications and behaviors that forced us to announce that we would no longer recognize MUI Halal Certificates back in January 2013. We had to make this decision to protect Muslims’ rights around the world and we received many positive feedback from Halal Certification Bodies around the world as well as Indonesian companies who cooperate with Turkish companies that started requesting halal certification from GIMDES.
As part of the effort to make sure the cooperation and business would continue between Indonesia and Turkiye, GIMDES visited 3 companies which are producing Noddle, Spice and sauces. GIMDES audited every stage of these facilities’ from raw material intake to final product. One of GIMDES chief auditors as well as Technical Science Committee member Abdulhamit Aksel and Auditor Mustafa Sahin did all the visits.
According to Mr. Abdulhamit Aksel’s report;
GIMDES visited three Indonesian companies and completed the audits as part of the efforts to certify noddle products according to GIMDES Halal Certification standards. The facilities completed all the suggested steps to make sure the final products’ follow all the hygienic regulations. We can answer to those consumers who are asking the difference between GIMDES Halal Certified Noddle and regular Noddle products is that the main differences are following:
-Monosodium Glutamate (MSG – E621) is not allowed in GIMDES certified products. Based on scientific and medial research, MSG is considered as hazardous to human health by GIMDES Halal Certification standards
-Chemical coloring additives are not allowed in GIMDES certified products
-Nitrite and Nitrate are not allowed in GIMDES certified products
-Hydrogen lipids are not allowed in GIMDES certified products
We completed our checks to make sure that the risk for mentioned additives above are nowhere near to GIMDES certified products’ production line.
GIMDES continues the efforts to make sure Halal and Tayyib (Healthy) conditions for consumers around the world.