GIMDES has made bilateral meetings with representatives of various foundations and institutions,

which have been in Istanbul for 7th Halal and Tayyib Products conference and exhibition from different part from the world.  Memorandum Of Understanding about Halal standard and certification has signed with some Halal foundations.

The foundations which signed cooperation agreement are the following:

1-) Moscow Mufti Council
2-) Kazan Mufti Council
3-) Kazakhstan Halal Council
4-) South Africa (SANHA) Halal Certification Foundations
5-) Macedonia Halal Certification Foundations
6-) Nippon Japan Halal Certification Foundations

The foundations’ representative who made bilateral meetings;

Bilateral meetings have done with Halal Certification body’s representatives during 7th Halal and Tayyib Products Conference and 5th Halal and Tayyib Products Exhibition. Some foundations are the following;

• World Halal Council Chairman of the Board Mr. Thafier Najjar
• Halal India Chairman of the Board Mahomed Jinna
• SANHA (South Africa) Chairman of Fiqh Committee  Mr. Mevlana Said Navlakhi, Mr. Yusuf Patel ve Mr. Hajee S. Mohomedy
• Halal Italia (CO.RE.IS) representative Mr. Isa Benassi
• Sri Lanka Halal Certification Body President Mr. Ali Fatharally
• Kuveyt Scientific Research Institute Dr. Hani Al Mazidi
• Halal International Authority (Italia) Fiqh Committee President Mr. Fahad Saleh M Alaredh
• American Helal Foundation President Mazhar Hussaini
• Jamiat Ulama E Maharashtra Halal Committee Chairman of the board Mr. Razi Ahmed
• Tunis Halal Certification Foundation President Mrs. Toumi Ep Sghaier
• Singapore Helal Certification Foundation Manager, Process Management & Halal Development  Mr. Munir Hussain
• International Trade Center Mr. Sadiq Syed
• Pakistan Halal Development Council President Dr. Asad Sajjad
• Saudi Arabia International Halal Organization General Secretary Dr. Saleh Alaayed
• Moscow Mufti Council International Relations Manager Mr. Samat Sadykov
• Kazan Mufti Council Mr. Irek Muhammet and Mr. Marat Nizamov

The scope of cooperation are prepare and implement Halal production and distribution standards, defining related services, training experts and Halal auditors, supervisors, Exchange expertise and information on Halal system and procedures, Collaborate in promoting Halal development industry, conduct awareness & promotional activities, marketing campaign, etc. for the benefit of Muslim Ummah in their respective countries and elsewhere etc.



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