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Today (15 November – 1 Muharram), we get in 1434 hajri new year. This is the first day of Hajri new year, but whole Muslim world has tears.
Hajri date has started with Prophet Muhammad ((peace be upon him) migration from Makkah to Madinah in the Islamic History. It is one of four valuable months.
It is mentioned in the Quran that Muharram month such as Zilkade, Zilhicce and Racab is one of four valuable month. (Tevbe 36)
I pray to Allah that Muslims wake up and gathering under Kalima Tawhid flag in the whole subject in this year. May Allah helps us to make all our deeds according to his consent and reach us next new year.

I wish that all Ummah have khair and barakah in this new Hajri year.