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The Importance of Analyses in GIMDES Halal Certification Service

GIMDES works with well known accredited laboratories in Turkey, and GIMDES believes that the analyses’ results are quantitative proof in the Halal Certification process.
These results play the efficient, independent role on true decision as a kaffalat foundation.

GIMDES carries out its working in kaffalat system. When we think the certification process in the percentage, giving the certificate is 15 percent and keeping with the assurance Halal requirement is 85 percent.
Annually, two times uninformative audits, daily questioning workings by assigned internal Halal coordinators, 24 hours live camera system in slaughterhouse and analyses’ result, which was taken from the market shelf in this 85 percent is fundamental to the ongoing Halal assurance system.
GIMDES makes product analyses for Halal Certified products for two reasons.
When the first audit occurs, the auditors take the product samples for sending laboratories. The sample, which was taken during the audit, sends to the laboratory for analyses that shows the product is healthy, clean and quality.
Secondly, the samples are taken for routine critical control analyses from Halal Certified products in the production plants or shelves during the uninformative audit.
Laboratories can’t request the samples from the manufacturer. They have to make their analyses on the sample which was taken by GIMDES.
GIMDES is made 300 tests and prepared around 200 analyses report by accredited laboratories. Analyses around one hundred and sixty have been made, and these analyses are reported by 100 result report until October.
Some Analyses which are suitable for product groups by GIMDES;
Spices: Pesticide Tests, Tokxin, Dye Substance Analyses
Legumes: Pesticide Tests, Microbial Analyses, GMO Analyses
Honey: Microbial Analyses tests, Pesticide, Antibiotic , Honey notification Analyses, C13, naphthaline, Dioxine
White Meat: Antibiotic Tests,GMO Analyses, Hormone Test, Pesticide Tests, Microbial Analyses, Dioxine, nutrition rations; GMO Analyses, Hormone Test
Vegetal liquid Extract Mixture: Ethanol availability, protective availability, Animal Fat Tests
Vegetable Fat: Fat Acid Compositions, GMO tests, Acids-Peroxide Analyses, Hexsan residue anaylses , Sterols, Dioxine
Tea: Microbial Analyses tests, Additive availability (Colors, Aromas, etc.), Residue (Pesticide) availability, Heavy metals availability, Aflatoxin Analyses.
Hazelnut and Hazelnut Products: Microbial Analyses tests, Additive availability (Vegetable Fats, roasted chickpea flour, Soya Products, etc.), Residue (Pesticide) availability, Aflatoxin
Rusk Flour – Covering Materials: Animal Additive availability, Toxic availability, Artificial Colorants Appointment Analyses, Artificial Sweetener availability Analyses, GMO Analyses, Pesticide, Heavy Metals
Helvah-Jam-Turkish delight: Glucose Syrupe availability in the boiled grape juice, Pesticide Analyses, Heavy Metal Analyses, Artificial Sweetener availability, Artificial colorant availability, Preservative(Sodium Benzoat, etc.) availability, Gelatine availability
Further Processed Meat Products: Nitrate, Nitrite Analyses, MSG Availability, Meat Type Analyses – Procine DNA Searh , Soya research for meatball, Artificial Colorants availability
Red Meat: Antibiotic Analyses in the blood, GMO Test, Porcine DNA research, nutrition ration, GMO Analyses, Hormone Test, Pesticide Analyses
Nutshell: Residue (Pesticide) Analyses, Toxine
Macaroni: Microbial Analyses tests, Residue (Pesticide) Analyses, Heavy metal Analyses, GMO Analyses, Artificial Colorants availability
Yeast: Rop Spor and other microbial analyses, GMO Analyses, Porcine DNAı Research
Fruit Juice and concentrated: Ethanol analyses, Microbial Analyses, Pesticides Analyses, Heavy Metals, Porcine DNA Search, Chemical Colorants Availability, Artificial Sweetener availability ( Aspartam, Acesulfame Potassium vs.)
Tomato paste: Brix control, Starch Test, Dye research, Microbial Analyses, Preservative additive research (Benzoic acid, Sorbic Acid, etc.)
Starter cultures and rennet: Chymosine Tests, GMO Analyses, Porcine DNA search.
Milk Products and Cheese Additives: Measurement of accuracy values which mention on the package, Gelatine availability, Vegetable Fat Search, Pesticide Analyses, Antibiotic, Melamine, Porcine DNA Search, Dioxine, Heavy metals.
Candy-Chocolate-Biscuit: Banned dye search, Microbial Analyse Tests, Microbial Analyses Tests, Additive Tests (Vegetable Fats, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carmine, etc) Residue (Pesticide) Availability, GMO Analyses, Porcine DNA search
Flour Products: Porcine DNA Search, acrylamide
Water: Heavy Metal Analyses, Pesticide, Nitrite, Nitrate Analysis, Chemical Analyses, microbial Analyses, BPA Contamination Determination.
Cleaning, Cosmetic and Personal Care: Ethanole Analyses, Clinical Tests, In vitro Skin irritation Test, Animal additive analyses-Porcine DNA search, toxicological Tests, Microbial Tests.
Flour: Cysteine, GMO Analyses, Pesticide, Heavy Metal, Microbial Analyses
Flour Additives: Animal Additive Analyses, GMO Analysis, Pesticide, Heavy Metal
Fodder Additives: GMO analyses, Pesticide Analyses, Heavy Metal Analyses, Dioxins
Egg: Microbial Product Analyses, Measurement of accuracy values which mention on the package (Vegetable Fats, Nitrite, Nitrate, Carmine, etc), Residue (Pesticide) Available Test, Heavy Metal, Dioxin, Non-GMO Testi, synthetic dye tests, Chemical Tests
Olive: Searching for dye, Pesticide, Caustic Analysis, Benzoic Acid Search.