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Invitation to the Halal and Tayyib Conference and Expo

Assalamu alaikum WRWb.

I have the pleasure of inviting yourselves to our Conference and Expo in Istanbul in September.

A large part of the consumer products used and consumed by Muslims are produced, monitored and controlled by non-Muslims. Such kind of control put heavy risk on Muslims’s Halal bite and life.


GIMDES,the leading Halal certifying body in Turkey is organizing exhibitions and conferences every year to increase the public awareness of Halal Certified products.

I proudly announce that this year we are organizing the 7th International Halal and

Tayyib Products Conferencein Istanbul on Saturday,6 September2014.

The main focus of our Conference will be on the following issues:

  •   All together One voice full unity for a Halal and Tayyib life
  •    Has the time of holding the rope of Allah not come yet?
  •    Do Muslims still need Kosher?
  •    Halal Slaughter is a blessing of Allah!..
  •    The problem of Halal medicine, Halal cosmetic can be solved by Halal Certification.


This year, speakers from about 10 countries will share their expertise by giving lectures and discussing the below topics :


  • Pre- and post-slaughter industrial practices of concern in Halal meat production

Chairman: Dr. Hani Al-Mazeedi (KUWAIT)

1. Razi Ahmed (INDIA)

2. Fahad Saleh M Alaredh (ITALY)

3. Eng. Noaf Ahmed Al-Naqbi (UAE)


  • The implications of emerging ingredients and processing practices to the Halalness of food,cosmetics and medicine.

Chairman: Moulana MS Navlakhi (South Africa)


2. Prof. Dr. Tevhit Ayengin (TÜRKİYE)

3. Assoc Prof. Dr. İlker ALAT (TÜRKİYE)


  • Effects of GMO and transgenic products on health. Can GMO products be Halal certified?

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ziya KAVAKÇI (TÜRKİYE)

1. Dr. Halim Aydın (TÜRKİYE)

2. Mohammad Mazhar Hussaini, M.S., L.D.

3. Dr. Majed ALHARİRİ (Syria)

  •  Requirements for Halal Certificationin Service Sectors: Tourism, Catering and Airlines

Chairman: Moulana Yousuf Patel (S.Africa )

1. Mohamed Jinna (HİNDİSTAN)

2. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Akgündüz (NETHERLANDS

3. Munir Hussain (SINGAPORE)

Inaddition to the Conference, GIMDES is also organizing 5th International Halal and Tayyib Expo in cooperation with CNR Expo. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Halal expo and see the nwest Halal certified products and companies from around the World.

We are sure that you willl earn and benefit both from the Conference and the Expoand you will have the pleasure of visiting beautiful Istanbul, capital of the World.

We will be more than happy to meet you in Istanbul in September.


Best Regards…


Dr. Huseyin Kami BUYUKOZER

GIMDES President