The 16th AGM of WHC was held at the Retaj Royal Hotel in Istanbul on 29-30 October 2018 and important decisions taken as the following:

The majority of the full members of the WHC have participated in the meeting. Mr. B. Hawari Because of his illness Mr. B. Hawari could not attend and also Nadia El-Mouelhy due to a special condition. But for Mr. Ibrahim Liu the representative of Shandong Islamic Association there was not information about the reason for not participating.

The opening of the meeting began with the prayer of brother Navlakhi. M. GEDİKLİ, Chairman of the Board of Directors, opened the congress and gave information about the agenda. WHC Patron Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER gave a salutation speech.

Then, Dr. Sukoso the Head of Halal Product Assurance Organization Agency (BPJPH) in Indonesia gave a presentation for 2 hours about and he provided information about the Halal certification system which will be implemented in Indonesia in October 2019 and the conditions of recognition of foreign certification institutions. Dr. Sukoso informed that the support of World Halal Council is very important for his association and he asked to pray for him in his mission. WHC informed him that there will be full support to his association.

The reports of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Secretary General and Committees (Shariaa, Technical and Membership) are presented to the Board.

Membership committee accepts a new Halal associations ‘’ Halal Cote d’Ivoire, Halal Macedonia and Halal Balkans ‘’ as associate members. These associations will be able to move to full membership after one-year waiting periods.

WHC General Assembly decided to revoke the executive positions of Dinar Sadykov and Samat Sadykov. İt was also decided to suspend the membership of Halal Certification Centre, Russian Federation ( HCCRF) for 3 years. As per the resolution, Samat Sadykov will have to apologize from WHC for unacceptable and inappropriate manner.

WHC elected Maulana S. Navlakhi (Assistant Secretary General) and Naili Fahim (Assistant Treasurer) instead Samat Sadykov and Dinar Sadykov, respectively.

The venue of the AGM of WHC 2019 has been negotiated; there were offers for Manila, Mauritus, Kazan and Jakarta. As it was considered that Jakarta would be suitable for development of sensitive relations with Indonesia, it was agreed in October 2019 to hold the WHC General Assembly.

In October 2019, a suitable environment was created for this cooperation. The logistics staff IFRC Malaysia will act as the host association. Certificate of Membership has been delivered to the members, Dinar Sadykov and Samat Sadykov’s certificates has not been issued.

The AGM closed with duaa and pray.