(“Food Report Again” Campaign of GIMDES Volunteers)

We would like to mention our project initiated in Europe. As you know, it is way harder to live Islam in Europe. Halal and Tayyib food sensitivity is too low, which makes it more difficult for us to find Halal and Tayyib food. Thinking a possible solution, we came to the point that the only remedy is to raise awareness among our brothers and sisters about the importance of Halal and Tayyib food by relaying knowledge to them, which led to the vitalization of this project.

The first step is taken by the book of GIMDES President Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER “FOOD REPORT AGAIN” because this book touches upon various subjects and contains a deep knowledge and research. Further steps have been taken to promote and sell this book and also to give it free of charge to the instructors in the Balkans.

The initial plan was to deliver 100 books to Bulgaria. Afterward, it is decided that they should be sent to different countries, not just Bulgaria, which resulted in including Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia countries in this campaign.

After this decision, the target of 100 books was increased to 1000 books and finally to 10000 books; we started sending 100 books to Bulgaria, 180 books to Serbia, 100 books to Kosovo, 100 books to Macedonia and 100 books to Bosnia and Herzegovina, biiznillah. Another promising development is that this book will be translated into German, Dutch and Bosnian languages insha’Allah.

In addition, one of our brothers in Kosovo, who was interested in our “FOOD REPORT AGAIN” campaign, passed away very recently; brother Zeki Toska. We pray for mercy from Allah Almighty to our brother and patience to the family left behind.

We believe that; Our Rabb will always open the doors to those who follow His way. An example of this came from our deliveryman brother Barış Çapan, who supported this campaign in a very different way, May Allah Almighty be pleased with him. He will deliver all the books in this campaign free of charge by his own company “Erlog Cologne Lojistik Dış Tic. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti”.

“FOOD REPORT AGAIN” campaign continues to be announced to the whole of Turkey and Europe. Donations have also been arriving for the campaign through banks. More or less our Rabb gives Barakah; the campaign, which started with 100 books, is now continuing with the goal of 10000 books. This book, which has to be read not only in Balkans but in the entire world, will continue to be distributed in Germany and Turkey. There is a huge demand for the book. We hope that this demand will lead to an increase in the number of readers and consciousness more than before.

If you want to support this nice campaign, you will be instrumental in this Khair!