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A delegation of 9 people, including the Deputy from the State of Selangor, which is the most important state in terms of industry and production after the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, bureaucrats working in the government and businessmen, was accepted to visit GIMDES headquarters.

7 million of Malaysia’s 33 million population live in Selangor. Although the priority is in the pharmaceutical sector, cosmetics and food products are mostly produced in this state.

The meeting started with the issues of the strong fraternal ties between Malaysia and Turkey, and that strengthening these ties through joint cooperation and studies will have positive results for both countries. Incoming delegation, exporting to Turkey and marketing products to other continents by taking advantage of Turkey’s bridge position; They stated that they want to do research and identify unexplored opportunities to support young entrepreneurs in their countries.

The general topics discussed during the meeting were as follows:

  • Bringing GIMDES certified companies into contact with JAKIM certified companies and creating joint cooperation opportunities
  • The importance of making certificates in accordance with 4 denominations, as GIMDES does in halal certification
  • Importance of halal and tayyib medicine imports to Turkiye
  • Although there is a need for Halal gelatine in the world, the absence of a gelatine company producing Halal
  • Marketing of cosmetic products in Turkiye
  • Opening of Halal Dunya Markets in Malaysia and Online HDM cooperation

The meeting was ended with thanks and mutual gifts to our esteemed guests named Honorable Hajah Rodziah Ismail (Assemblyperson and Chairperson of Standing Committee for Housing, Urban Wellbeing and Entrepreneur Development of Selangor State Government), Honorable Ganabatirau Veraman (Assemblyperson and Chairperson of Standing Committee for Community welfare, labor, and Caring Government of Selangor State Government),Mr. Ananthan Raman (Policy Officer to Selangor State Executive Council), Mr. Hanafi Sudi (Policy Officer to Selangor Executive Council), Mr. Mohammad Syukri Ismail (General Manager of Kohijrah Selangor), Mr. Sharuddin (Assistant Manager of Kohijrah Selangor), Mr. Abdullahj Muaz Mohd Norman (Executive for Selangor Youth Community), Mr. Muhammad Ziyaad Norhisam (CEO of Avelade Global Ltd.), Mr. Said Imaddudeen Norhisam (Advisory member of Avelade Global Ltd.) who requested the meeting.