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Dr. Hüseyin Kâmi BÜYÜKÖZER

Take a break from the cola that you are not tired of drinking every day and that you drink at the iftar tables of our blessed month, Ramadan, and listen to us.

We live in a period where carbonated soft drinks such as American-patented Cola and Pepsi Cola have controlled the whole world for a full century. Coca-Cola, which is seen as a symbol of American imperialism in the world, has shown interesting developments in the world adventure that started in Atlanta in 1886.

Physicist and chemist Dr. John Stith Pemberton’s drink, which he had previously made as a stimulant drug to calm nerves and headaches, was created from the leaves of the Coca plant and the walnut of the Cola plant and was released publicly in 1886 with the name “Pembertons Wine Cola” in 1887, having been re-formulated by him. Two years later, in 1888, the Coca-Cola Co company was founded, which became the patented product of this new company.

Cola walnut, the leaves of which cocaine and its derivatives are obtained from the extraction of the coca plant and contain a lot of caffeine, has been launched on the market as a tonic and stimulating, just an uplifting, refreshing soda soft drink. The first place of sale was “Jacob’s pharmacy” in Atlanta.

In 1920, he received legal permission from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America.

The achiever of these accomplishments (!) was the second man, Asa Candler, who, like Pemberton, had a Jewish origin. Asa Candler, whose father is a Jew known by the name of Samuel Candler, and whose brother is a bishop of the Southern Methodist church, made a huge amount of donations to this church and the university affiliated with this church with the suggestion of his brother.

What is the relationship between the habit it has formed in drinkers and the fact that this soft drink has spread with astonishing speed around the world and is the most consumed drink after water? (as of 2004, the Coca-Cola consumed worldwide was 150 billion liters)
Just as these soft drinks have no benefit to health and nutrition, they contain CO2, contain carbonic acid, and caffeine, use many harmful chemical additives, most importantly, doubts and concerns about the structure of cola extract, which is kept as a secret, we know that this drink will not benefit Muslims and especially our children. This situation reveals that it can do a lot of harm.

We would like to suggest that our very satisfying articles published on our site about cola and similar soft drinks should be re-evaluated with this article. Their similarities are revealed at their annual congress in America. All of them proudly declare their support and financial assistance to the zionist state of Israel, which does not get enough of shedding Muslim blood every day, in public.

We are trying to summarize briefly that while cola consumption fills someone’s pockets, it also allows someone to support America and zionist Israel to shed more Muslim blood. Where should the Muslim consumer take part in these wars? We believe that you, our brothers and sisters, will give the correct answer to this question.

1.Coca-Cola, other cokes, and sodas are reported by reputable medical authorities to be harmful to health due to the phosphoric acid, carbon dioxide, and caffeine they contain.
2.The extract, the contents of which are kept secret in coke, has to be considered suspicious because the truth is not known. Islam commands us to stay away from suspects.
3.All of the Food Codices allow the presence of 0.5-0.3% alcohol in such drinks. This arbitrariness should be accepted as close knowledge that is also far from doubt.
4.There is a rule above all the rules of fiqh, which is the rule of protecting the welfare of the Muslim community. Today, under the leadership of Israel, all the Jewish lobbies, the United States, and the countries that support these countries have openly declared war on Islam and the Muslim Community. The blood of Muslims is being shed in hot spots and they are being subjected to various kinds of atrocities. The weapons and other expenses used in these conflicts are provided with the support of these companies. By using these companies’ products, Muslims indirectly become partners in the atrocities against their people.

Since 1966, Coca-Cola has been a staunch supporter of Israel. In 1997, the Israeli Government Economic Mission honored Coca-Cola at the Israel Business Awards Dinner for its continued support for Israel for the past 30 years and its refusal to comply with the Arab League boycott of Israel.

Coca-Cola annually funds the American-Israeli Chamber of Commerce Awards, which honor the companies that have contributed the most to the Israeli economy. in 2009, an award sponsored by Coca-Cola went to the Israeli Lobby AIPAC for its lobbying activities before the Senate to reject the UN’s call for an “immediate ceasefire” and approve the continuation of Israel’s military offensive against Gaza.

In 2008, Coca-Cola gave the Israeli venture capital Challenge Fund the task of finding suitable investments in Israel with the promise of a “blank check”. This deal is an exceptional case in the Israeli venture capital industry.

In 2009, Coca-Cola hosted a special reception at the Coca-Cola world headquarters to honor Brigadier General Ben-Eliezer. Ben-Eliezer is a wanted war criminal, his unit was responsible for the execution of more than 300 Egyptian prisoners of war during the Six-Day War. Under Sharon, Ben-Eliezer served as the Minister of Defense, presiding over the massacre in Cenin.

Coca-Cola Israel has dairy farms in the illegal Israeli settlement of Shadmot Mechola in the Jordan Valley and a factory in the Katzerin industrial zone in the occupied Golan Heights.

If they are still going to issue a fatwa after these statements, let them continue to issue a fatwa. Those who want to consume these and similar products of the enemy should continue to consume them even though they have halal and healthy alternatives. We should all keep in mind that one day we will be held to account.