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GİMDES with the mission of Halal morsel, Halal food, Halal consumption and Halal production awareness, a whole Halal and Tayyip life system, continues its activities and preaching all over the world with the consciousness of the Ummah. It continues to illuminate the path of the modern people of the century to Halal morsel and Halal consumption through its representatives in various parts of our country and the world.

Due to this consciousness and activities, GIMDES Germany Representative, Ladies Board Vice President Emine Arslanoğlu and GIMDES Chief Auditor, Food Engineer, Medical and Aromatic Plants Technician Fatma Füsun Menteş informed about GIMDES and Halal food in an interview organized by Halal Lebensmittel in Germany.

Fatma Füsun MENTEŞ mentioned the following topics;” There are 2.5 billion Muslims in the world, but we have difficulties in protecting Halal. Muslims should protect Halal with the awareness of the Ummah. Then everything will be much easier. As an alternative search for Halal, such questions arise in people’s minds ‘Should we consume Vegan-Vegetarian then?’. If a product is made with ethyl alcohol or wine, it can get a vegan certificate, so the fact that a product is vegan does not make it Halal. We cannot save ourselves by using this. The worst thing is that as Muslims we need to be in the unity of the Ummah, unfortunately we see a great disintegration within the Muslims. While there is Halal, it shouldn’t be asked “Is it kosher? Is it vegan? Be vegetarian? “, as I mentioned before, if products such as ethyl alcohol, wine, carmine are used in them, how will a product be Halal? This is not an appropriate situation. Therefore, we, as Muslims, need to protect the Halal certificate.

Emine Arslanoğlu included these statements in her speech; “The search for Halal Food brings us back to our own essence, when we entered into this search, we saw that making soujouk is very easy and very simple. Now we can offer various samples such as we can even make tahini. That’s the beauty of Islam,
GIMDES says “I vouch for all the certificates I have issued”. This is a very important issue; Muslims who are in search of Halal in the world’s fuss, can procure Halal and Tayyib certified products with peace of mind, without having to go through the trouble of examining each product one by one and not worrying about knowing all the details about them.”

We present the continuation of the relevant interview to the benefit of our precious followers; we pray Allah to bring us to a Halal and Tayyib life system.

You can watch the video by clicking the link.