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The Academic Lessons of Dar’ul Halal School Start by 3 Grades in October

Dr. Hüseyin Kamil Büyüközer

Our goal is to have an education for the next generation for letting them know about foodstuffs and necessaries by knowing how to seperate them from Halal to Haram (and suspicious) in an understandable way that it will be possible for them to study deeper. Also, it is from our goal to let students have a good education and a carrier in the awareness of the Islamic System, with the help of our qualified employee; and lastly, to educate our students to be capable of knowing what a nurture is (under the Islamic System) in the career of Department of Food and Technology.

The Departments in Dar’ul Halal:
1- Food Science and Technology
2- The Technology of Agriculture
3- Religious Studies
4- Veterinary
5- Animal Breeding and the Technology of Animal Feed
6- The Technology of Chemistry
7- Textiles and Clothing Industry
8- Child Development and Training
9- Management of Haospitals and Organization
10- Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
11- System Management and Documentation
12- Family and Consumer Sciences

We asked some of our volunteers for this project about what departments they would prefer in the first three places; here are the preferred ones in the first three places:
1- Food Science and Technology
2- Family and Consumer Sciences
3- The Technology of Chemistry

Our commission analyzed the consequence of this questionnaire, and made a decision that the lessons of “Food Science and Technology” will be started this year by foundation degree program, online, in the Turkish language.

The lessons will be in 3 grades:
The first grade (Foundation degree) will last for a year,
The second grade (Certificate of approval) will last for two years,
The third grade (Postgraduate) will last for a year.

The lessons will start by the 1st Grade this year. High school students can be involved.

Our application form is on our website: