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We found out that the so-called Halal certification institutions named Halal Consulting S.L. located in France, Halal Quality and Control (HQC) located in the Netherlands; World Halal Union in Germany; issue certificates for ‘non-alcoholic wine’.

The company carries this disgraceful, cursed job as a token of pride on its websites, and even makes fun of Muslims by putting their brand names “Halal Wine Cellar”. The same wine company is trying to use our Islamic values as a tool for their own dirty tricks with articles like “How can we prepare ourselves spiritually for Ramadan” and “Ramadan Sale! Stock up for your Eid celebration!” on their social media accounts.

We declare to the public that GIMDES has no connection with the HQC, World Halal Union and Halal Consulting S.L. institutions, which has polluted the name of the Halal certificate by issuing a certificate to this institution that ridicule with Islamic issues, and the company they certified.

The HQC institution, which is one of the certifying institutions; It is recognized and accredited by some of the Halal Accreditation Agency from Turkiye, JAKIM from Malaysia, SASO and SFDA from Saudi Arabia, BPJPH from Indonesia, MOPH from Qatar and MUIS from Singapore. We kindly ask the institutions accrediting and recognizing these certification bodies to reconsider its status.

Halal certification is not a simple matter where anyone can run as they wish and create standards according to their own minds. Muslims have a responsibility to Allah, and Allah (swt) has clearly determined all the necessary rules and regulations.
We warn the relevant so-called certification bodies for the immediate termination of such attempts. We strictly condemn this and similar attempts. Our two hands will be with them until the hereafter.

We present below for your information the images that the company has published on its own websites.