Assalamu Alaikum

Boycotting products that are not halal certified and being meticulous about this issue is a sign of Muslim identity. There are Muslims in many parts of the world who fight for their religion and give their lives when necessary. If we cannot give up the products we buy while they give up their lives, this shows our lack of faith. “What happens with a me?” This idea is also very wrong. A Muslim should not think like this. Let’s not forget that the boycott will be a great blow against infidels and those who do not respect our beliefs. A Muslim should know that many things can happen with one person. When I change, the world will change too. Boycott also means showing your side. How will I be held accountable if I side with infidels and those who do not respect our beliefs? We need to be people who do our part in the circle of causes.

We can imagine how rewarding it is to be the first to open this seemingly blocked path. When this logo starts to be used on products, think about the prayers of people who start buying products with that logo… Imagine them saying ‘Mercy to those who contributed to this business’… Shouldn’t we do this for our spiritual gains?… Please let’s stop being shy and express our wishes clearly. For example, after expressing your satisfaction when shopping with the company, ask them to use the Halal logo on their products. Our people have enough potential to support this development. I believe it.

The number of people who make Muslims – excuse my expression – groan is not even one in a thousand of Muslims… But they believe in, trust and support their cause. If you are one of those who keep silent and say ‘it’s banana’, ‘we need nothing’, you will find the cruelty of the oppressor in your home, be aware. I believe that you will decide whether to support the campaign or not with your conscience and high will. Finally, I find it useful to say this: Let’s mention here one of the hadiths of our Prophet (peace be upon him) regarding halal and haram food.

In the hadith reported from the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), attention is drawn to this issue with the following expressions: “Whoever eats a haram morsel, his forty night prayers and forty morning prayers will not be accepted. The most worthy place for every piece of meat that is nourished and raised by haram is hell. It should be well known that even a bite of haram nourishes and grows the flesh.” (Suyutî, Câmiu’l-ehâdîs, 20/55; Ali el-Müttaki, Kenzu’l-ummâl, 4/15)

Let this be the last word: Hazrat Omar (radiyallahu anh) also expressed the importance of this issue as follows: “Do not only look at the prayers a person performs and the fasts he keeps; “See whether he tells the truth when he speaks, whether he abides by what is entrusted to him when he is entrusted with something, whether he observes halal and haram while dealing with the world.” (Beyhakî, es-Sünenü’l-Kübrâ, VI, 288; Şuab, IV, 230, 326)

May Allah (swt) grant us all the grace to be severe against infidels and those who do not respect our beliefs, and to be merciful towards Muslims…

May Allah (swt) be our helper and protector.