As a Muslim, when we feel and think about eating something, what comes to our mind first?

Undoubtedly, we think of its halal and tayyib conditions, then possibly its taste, smell or color. If we have to think about our own weight problem, we also think about energy, fat, sugar, vitamins or minerals. But most of us never think about the side effects of the foods we eat and drink.

Surely, you might think that side effects is a concept usually used for medicines and vaccines? But here we will talk about freshly harvested or properly cooked foods that are in halal and tayyib conditions. These foods can also cause side effects, some of which are only mild, some of which are seriously uncomfortable, and some of which can bring you into critical condition.

However, the foods represented in this category do not necessarily mean foods that should be avoided at all costs. These foods can cause side effects. But most effects do not occur in everyone, and they do not always have the same side effect when they eat that food. In addition, the possible side effects of most foods (especially fruit, vegetables and prepared foods) outweigh the possible side effects and should therefore be given more attention.

The side effects we will talk about are not always to be feared. In fact, sometimes the side effects that we know the characteristics of are useful in eliminating some of our ailments caused by unbalanced nutrition. For example, if we are constipated for some reason, we can use foods that have the side effect of causing diarrhea in treatment; or if we have diarrhea, we can use foods that have the side effect of constipation in our treatment.

Likewise, at a time when we suffer from insomnia, foods that have the side effect of giving sleep can come to our rescue. The important thing is to know these side effects in our foods correctly and to benefit from them when necessary. Therefore, we should immediately consult a doctor about our ailments and think that we can do our treatments with these foods without having to resort to medicines that have many side effects and can harm our belief.