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We have made a lot of news about fraudsters for a long time. They type “halal logo” into the search engine, click on the images, download the logo that comes to them and use it. It’s that simple. However, if they do a little research, they will understand that this logo belongs to an institution, that it is a special and patented logo, that it cannot be used arbitrarily, that it can only be used within certain rules, and that this logo has an “honour”, so to speak.

GIMDES logo; It is a logo that can only be used by companies that have received GIMDES halal certification on products that have received halal certification and is designed so that consumers can say “this product is GIMDES certified” and consume it safely. Details on this subject are declared in the “logo terms of use” section of the contract text that we have published below and signed by the certified companies.

In addition to fraudsters using a logo on a product that is not halal certified, there are also markets, buffets, cafes, sales point, stands, etc. there is. We are not saying don’t use the GIMDES logo. If there are GIMDES certified products among the products you sell, they can of course be used. However, they use it in such a way that it causes consumers to be deceived, provided that it is stated that it is specific to that product. If someone looking at that market, shop or stand perceives that everything sold there is certified, then there is a mistake. They put them on signs, window coverings, car wraps, posters, and billboards in such large sizes that if a consumer who thinks that all products are GIMDES certified does not have enough information on this subject, they can easily buy and consume products that do not have a certificate. They even write such sentences that, unfortunately, consumers can be deceived in the same way. Many misunderstood sentences such as “GIMDES certified product sales point”, “our products are halal certified”, “GIMDES products”…

We call out from here: Hey sellers, traders, marketers, shopkeepers, cafeterias, raw meatball sellers, patisseries, etc.! Every consumer you deceive will have long queues in front of you in the afterlife and will ask: “Why did you make me consume this questionable (perhaps haram) food even though it was not certified? Why did you harm my halal lifestyle? Why did you ruin my spirituality? Why did you hinder the acceptance of my ibadats and prayers by putting questionable things down my throat?” … and they will ask many more questions and this showdown will be very difficult.

We would like to remind you that this issue does not end only in this world, it also has otherworldly and spiritual aspects, and we would like to inform you that caution should be exercised.


1-The company cannot use the halal logo delivered by GIMDES for its brands and products outside the scope specified in the certificate.

2-Company halal logo; It can only be used on the website, in advertisements, statements, marketing, etc. for the products within the scope of the certificate.

3-The logo is a sign given to the product and is used exclusively on the final packaging of the product. All liability arising from the use of the logo after the document becomes invalid for any reason or outside the purpose and scope of issue belongs to the company.

4-The logo is delivered to the company by GIMDES when the certificate comes into force.

5-If there is a branch, market or sales point where the company’s products are sold, it should be ensured that the logo and writing on the signs of these points or in advertising tools such as window coverings only cover certified products and that all products at the point of sale are not perceived as certified.