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24th International Congress of Union of Muslim Communities

24th International Congress of Union of Muslim Communities, has been held on 29th -30th of November, 2015 in Istanbul. The leaders, science people, public opinion leaders and business people of 147 Muslim communities among 59 countries have been participated the congress as delegates. The Congress theme was” Islamic World in the Grip of Imperialism”.

The delegates representing the masses of the Islamic world and the oppressed people, have evaluated the problems arisen due to non-just world order which threatens the Islamic world and humanity. It has been emphasized that the power oriented current global order which accepts being powerful as a justification for being righteous do not possess the ability to solve the problems but instead has been the source of new problems. It has also been stressed in the congress that the humanity is not hapless and not doomed for racist-monopolist current system. Everybody who are making their choices from right and just, have been invited to contribute to the construction of a New World based on Right and Justice.

One of the invited associations is GIMDES. Dr. Majed Alhariri and Murat SAYIN has attended on the charge of GIMDES. They gave a notification in the congress as the following;

Western world seized world domination by implementing an insidious plan in the last 200 years period, and this plunged people into helpless and such as a life-and-death point.

Western imperialist invasion doesn’t only in military, politically and economically but also more efficiently in spiritual. Western always prefer to fall whole humanity to its materialist swamp  instead of to recover itself. For this reason, the invasion was carried out on the basement of spiritual. When they cannot  reach with armed, they try to reach economy. When they cannot  reach with economy, they try to reach with philosophy or fashion or technic.

The biggest one of the many plans of West to ravage mankind’s spiritual life is ambition to rule over people’s throats. Henry Kissinger in 1970: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” West has put a lot of effort in order to succeed in this regard, and consequently, got the result. Food production for people and even for animals has taken monopoly control.

Rapidly evolving industry movement under the control of non-Muslim interfered to our foods as well and gives a reason to major changes of our beverages and food structure in our century. People who live in industrialized countries today are forced to eat ready foodstuffs which we don’t know their process instead of natural classic food and drinks. This type of food style is forced by both advertisements and life conditions.

Unfortunately, food industry such as other industries is controlled and dominated by western. From the manufacturing technology to raw materials, all things are controlled by them.

Many factories produce biscuits, chocolates, candies, soft drinks, etc. with the technology, formula and supervision of Non-Muslims experts. Unfortunately, there are many additives in many Muslims daily products, which are unsuitable  for Muslims’ faith.

In this case, What should Muslims who are responsible for every bite’s safety, which will pass through his throat do? Will we say, “what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over” and go on to eat whatever they bring or regain consciousness like other issues and check out what we eat? Or will you go on your sleep?

Allah (SWT) mentioned in the Quran:

“O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good” [2:168]

While Halal Certification provides to fulfill requirements of our faith and healthy life, on the other hand, It provides to understand what producers produce and what consumers consume. It also provides to work audit mechanism, real content consistency with label and analysis capability. Otherwise, how does any consumer checks the validity of the declarations such as “our product doesn’t contain any pork ingredients” without alcohol” and our products are natural and healthy”? Additionally, manufacturers can use the non- Halal inputs in the production of any products intentionally or unintentioanlly.

Additionally, manufacturers can use the non- Halal inputs in the production of any products intentionally or unintentionally. In that case, Halal certification is a safe haven to resolve desperation of consumers and producers.

Halal Product activities are extremely important issue of the unity, peace and commerce of the Muslim world. Real Islamic Unity will be provided if the products which use in Muslims life ensures Halal requirements.

GIMDES has been working to protect Halal bite that is the most important part of a Muslims Halal life system since 2005. In that manner, GIMDES is working under the World Halal Council which acts as Umbrella organization for Halal Certification bodies all over the world to establish Islamic Unity.