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TOCBIR-SEN, one of the biggest labor unions in Turkey, have been cooperating with GIMDES for the promotion of Halal and Tayyib products. Under the scope of the cooperation, seminars in different cities of Turkey are organized by GIMDES, and members and their families have been attending these seminars. In one of the seminars, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ilker Alat, an eminent scholar famous for his studies in cardiovascular operations, expressed his concerns for the usage of materials obtained from pork in heparin. According to Dr. Alat, Halal Heparin is possible and does exist in the market, but because of the negligence of the doctors and patients, hospital managements don’t care, and they only think the cost factor. Dr. Alat said this is scandalous and patients have the right to choose Halal treatments and medicines.

Dr. Alat also explained that many capsules are made of gelatin, and most of the gelatin is produced from pork or non-halal slaughtered cattle. Dr. Alat said treatment by Haram or Non-Halal is not acceptable because there is always a Halal substitute for all Haram products. For this reason, patients should ask their doctors to give them only Halal medicines or products that don’t contain pork, gelatin or alcohol.