Conferences Fairs

GIMDES will host two important events in September 4-7 /2019 in Istanbul

This year, GIMDES will organize the 7th Halal and Tayyip Products Fair and the 11th of the International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference.

we invite our brothers and sisters from all over the world to Istanbul for Halal and Tayyib Products confernce and fair which will held on 04-07 September 2019. Our events venue will be in the 5th hall of CNR EXPO.

With the incredible development of biotechnology and the efforts of the non-Muslim imperial forces to degenerate the halal – haram sensitivity of the Muslims, Islam Ummah is searching for the “dignified halal life” that has been under attack for over 100 years in these events.

The awareness of seeking Halal and Tayyib product increases daily on two billion Muslims all over the world. Various valuable experts and academicians from different countries have met in the 11th international Halal and Tayyib Products Conference, which will held in Istanbul CNR Exhibition Center on 4-7 September 2019.

GIMDES, the first and leading Halal certification body in Turkey, is going to organize the 9th Halal and Tayyib Conference in Istanbul in October.

While the demand for Halal certified products and services are increasing day by day, the need for getting the right information at the right time is getting more important. Yes, we live in the information age and even the small kids use the net and get whatever info they need in seconds. Everyone with a smart phone has the capacity and capability to both receive and transmit information thru the net, which means information and disinformation spread with the speed of light.

There is just too much information and ever increasing, but not all what you get so easily is correct or reliable. Some people talk too much and looking at their way of talking you can feel they are true masters of the topic they talk about while they may be just conveying misleading information. On the other hand, most of the true scholars refrain writing everywhere as part of their academic philosophy.

We will  cooperating with our producers, exporters, sellers, consumers and public institutions for the Potential of the USD 3.8 trillion Halal market. Different sectors such as, Halal and Tayyib Food, Halal and Tayyib Cosmetics, Halal and Tayyib Pharmaceuticals, Halal Tourism, Halal Logistics, Halal Textile, Halal Leather and Machinery and Equipment used in product production will be included in the fair.

Muslims have sought for their purified Halal and Tayyib food. They started to seek from Halal seed and embryo raw materials to fork all processes, operations, tools and equipment. All participants took a chance to present all Halal Products in this exhibition.

For the healthy generation, we believe the important of Halal and Tayyib food.

In order to meet this need, we will organize 7th Halal and Tayyib International Fair om 4-7 September 2019 together with CNR Expo which stopped for three years.

On the same date and in the same place, we will also hold the 11th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference. During the 11th International Halal and Tayyıb Conference, we will have 16 speakers who are expert in their respective areas coming from very important countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Germany, South Africa, Philippines, Algeria, Tunisia, France ,Turkey etc.

the following topics will be covered:

  •  Issues and solutions of Halal and Tayyib products’ production and business in Muslim and Non-Muslim countries
  • Islamic analysis of main raw materials that are being used in medical and cosmetic industry
  • Current situation of Muslims in regards to Halal Slaughtering around the world
  • Consumption risks for transgenic and genetically modified organisms in Islam and Health viewpoint.

Program details will be shared with the public on future dates.