The subject of the first session of our conference; A) Is Halal Certification Necessary i2n Digital Platforms And Media?

Mehmed Zahid BÜYÜKÖZER- Internet and Halal

30 percent of Internet traffic consists of pornography. Approximately 10.5 million accounts on social media publish pornography.

MR Technology has proven that pornography is an addiction and it has the same effect like drugs, alcohol and cigarette in human brain as a chemical stimulus. Researches show that especially 64% of the youth between the ages of 13-24 visit these sites at least once a week.

Proposal for a solution: Under a voluntary organization like GIMDES, a chamber composed of Islamic scholars should ensure the awareness of the society by issuing fatwas through bulletins, especially on the internet and the information spread on the internet. Thanks to the Information Security Board, a local authority in Turkey dedicated to ensure safe internet, the areas, especially pornography and virtual games are filtered and this service is provided for free to the families. Safe Internet service is offered free of charge in all companies providing internet infrastructure.

Dr. Nadratuzzaman Hosen-Halal Certificate in Online Applications

Indonesia has halal tourism, halal hospital, halal spa and they are growing very fast. In Indonesia, the income per capita is high. After October 17, halal certification will be mandatory. The government will regulate it. BPJPH gives halal certification. This has different kinds of difficulties. A system is currently being developed and a database is being worked on. Everything can be done here. The certificate can be obtained here. If there is a problem, complaints can be raised. It is effective when integrated with smart city application.

The subject of the 2nd Session of our Conference; Importance of Education System in Human Resource Development in Halal and Tayyib Life System

Dr. Halim Aydın-Halal Status of Transgenic Foods

In our society, people used to start kneading bread dough by saying Bismillah. Even the thiefs used to slaughter animals they stole with Bismillah. Now there are many foods that their producers are unclear to us. Halal food should start from halal seed and embryo.

Crossbreeding: Combining the cells of 2 different species. Natural hybrid does not spoil the parents. Technologic hybrid is not like that. Endemic plants go extinct through this process. Fiqh scholars discuss: Can there be a gene transfer from halal to halal? GIMDES does not accept this. Because the mechanism is problematic.

Muhammad Muhammedi-How is Halal Market Now and Should be in the future?

“Halal market will grow.” has been said at the conferences. This led to the opening of many certification bodies. There are cases where the fatwas vary. Animal Rights Institutions are putting pressure. Halal Institutions want to see themselves like a Mufti. But there are still institutions like GIMDES, they are clean. Halal certification institutions should merge.

Professor Hasan Yetim – The Importance of Digitalization in Halal Certification

What we are doing now is to work on eliminating the harms of the technology that the infidels did. We cannot produce our own technology. Blockchain, is it possible to encrypt all batch production with this? Document verification is possible on this system. Can artificial intelligence be used in animal slaughtering? The compliance of the process to the Islamic methods can be detected. Industry 4.0 production sites will be able to be monitored continuously. The most important problem with Halal Certificate is the digitization of the inspections and tests. Halalness can be questioned from barcode numbers.

Professor Dr. İsa Yüceer – The Future of Halal Production and Halal Certification

Our religion has determined the principles for human blessings in both worlds. The person obeying his nafs and the devil will make the wrong consumption. The person will make the right choice, will make the right decision, will be satisfied with the halal and clean, while recognizing the Giver of the blessings.

Subject of the 3rd Session of our Conference; Halal and Tayyib Quality Management System as an Element of Halal Assurance System

Moulana Saeed Navlakhi-Quality Management Systems with an Islamic Perspective Qualified people should be employed. It is not enough that there is no haram additives in the product. Is there any adulteration, is there anything that is not complying with Islam ..? Continuous inspection and the self-inquiry must be conducted. An error in a product may cause 10 million dollars loss. In the West, the product is immediately withdrawn, it is not the same in the third world countries. This is the financial aspect. Spiritual loss should also be considered. The organization should know the critical control points. If one doesn’t know the industry, he should not attempt. There is a great need for accurate information for transparency, accountability and excellence in the provision of halal certification services. Care must be taken in the process of granting halal assurance. If the wine is haram, its by-product tartaric acid is also haram.

Mohammad Mazhar Hussaini- How should Islamic Education be?

Learning to know, learning to practice, learning to live together and learning to do. All four stages are essential. We have to be together so we can find something new. We have to have a strategy as personally and socially. Halal education should start in kindergarten. 84% of Halal Food production is by non-Muslims. Entrepreneurship is very important. Halal Entrepreneurship Course should be given. We should offer interest-free entrepreneurship to the world as an alternative. A training program was created that would span years. At least basic things need to be taught and certified. Madrasah is a long-term business. Basic education should be provided until it is done.

Dr. Adel Sabir- Human resources key concept.

Emulsifiers are very annoying. It is a big market. The investor negotiates and invests in real estate. Sad. No pharmaceutical studies. I saw an educator, but they weren’t Muslims. This needs to be raised. They have given a fatwa on blood plasma because they have been misled. We need to overcome these problems. In England, girls wearing headscarves are taught homosexuality. There is a basic halal haram book and it has been translated into Turkish called “Helal ve Haram Hakkında Temel Bilgiler”.

Hasan Tahsin Feyizli-Towards Halal Food and Tayyib Life System in Society

Families will believe in halal-haram. This starts with the family. We should have a week like the “Indigenous Goods Week” and lectures about this should be given in schools, mosques. Halal food awareness should be included in the primary school curriculum. Teachers of Religious Culture lesson should explain this. Symposiums and panels should be organized. Billboards should be hung around.

Subject of the 4th Session of our Conference; Accreditation in Halal and Tayyib Certification (Ijazah) Dr. Hani Mansour al Mazeedi- Pitfalls in Halal Standards.

There are many dangers at the point of international accreditation. Stunned animals are considered halal in Malaysian standards. Stunning is troubling and there are contradicting fatwas about it. There are some problems with synthetic ethyl alcohol. We should provide new halal standards that meet with all mazhabs and do not have contradictions.

Dr. Hüseyin Kami BÜYÜKÖZER- Seeking halal food in the world and Turkey –

Halal Certification and Accreditation (Ijazah) Institutions Certification and Accreditation should be carried out by ONE VOICE FULL UNITY around the world. We must work for the establishment of a central system that will address the whole Islamic community.