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As like our statement in 2013, which has announced to all the world via websites, we say that “We hope that World Halal Day will remind us our responsibility of Halal morsel that has almost come to the point of forgetting for 100 years and we hope that it will help us to get our morsel and life closer to the Halal by holding firmly to the rope of Allah all together.


The first ayah about the Halal (Al-Anfal, 69) revealed in the Battle of Badr, which is the first war of Imaan and Kufr, on 17th Ramadan 624. Then, what does our Rabb states in the ayah?

“So consume what you have taken of war booty [as being] lawful and good, and fear Allah . Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

The human body can be like a palace made of gold and emerald, but can also be a hovel made of trash and sweeps. The construction of this body is directly related to what we eat or drink. A healthy spirit and body could only be found in a body that is fed by Halal.

As we can observe around us constantly, the people exposed to food terrorism become the food of every kind of terrorism.

In other words, if we want to raise a healthy, mature, public-spirited, patriotic and pious generation; we should begin from the issue of whether what we eat and drink is Halal and Tayyib or Haram. If we want Tayyib (good) people, we have to care about our foods to be earned from Halal and Tayyib ways and to be from the products that are not forbidden by Allah (SWT). Therefore, we have to place these two concepts in our world, minds and hearts strictly: Halal and Tayyib.

This should not sound strange to anyone. We should not understand and make misinterpretations as a subject evolving into politics through religion in all the matters. This issue, as like all others in Islam, is related to the nature of the human. It is more than just a subject that religion commands Muslims, it is a recipe for the creatures of the Creator (SWT) for the salvation of all humanity.

There are two options in front of man; one will either be the prisoner of his own desire and enthusiasm, or he will do what Allah commanded, escape from what He forbids, and will receive the blessings of Jannah promised by Allah, the Owner of the entire universe. The sane person will choose the second one.

Anyone who strives to live Islam should support this study, which raises awareness of Halal food and, more importantly, pay more attention to this issue in his own life. Ask yourself this question: “When was the last time I asked if there was any Haram substance in the content of the food I ate?”, because “Certainly a time will come when people will not bother to know from where they earned the money, by lawful means or unlawful means.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, b.34, Hadith 36) However, at this time of coronavirus suffering, the whole world, all Muslims and all humanity need your prayer.