The precision of GİMDES in Halal and Tayyib Certification is Appreciated All Over the World!

Last week, a British citizen named Zaid, who lives in London and is researching Halal certification institutions in Türkiye as he will be traveling to Türkiye, called GİMDES.

Stating that he had read the articles written by Hüseyin Kâmi Büyüközer, the head of GİMDES, about Halal slaughter, Mr. Zaid asked about the standards of GİMDES in detail.

This crucial question is very important for a Muslim. First of all, the institution that performs Halal certification should be a completely independent institution composed of Muslim individuals who believe in Islam and apply Islamic beliefs to their lives. In addition, it should be conscious of being a guarantor (Kafil) for the producer before the consumers at every point of the time period in which the Halal Certificate is valid.

Mr. Zaid appreciated the Standards and explained that he had difficulty in finding Halal slaughtered meat in England and that slaughterhouses slaughtering the animals by stunning them. He said that he would request the GİMDES certificate at the hotel where he will be staying in Türkiye. The phone call ended with thanks and prayer.

The precision of GİMDES in Halal and Tayyib certification is appreciated all over the world. Visitors coming to Türkiye from abroad almost every week call GİMDES headquarters and ask where they can access GİMDES Halal and Tayyib certified products and whether there is a certified hotel. On the other hand, consumers have difficulty in finding reliable certification bodies. Not every institution that issues “Halal” certificates can be trusted, because there are institutions that issue certificates to companies that use the name of “Halal” and see a heavy kafalat load such as “Halal Certification” as only “Business”, without adequate inspection and not complying with Islamic rules adequately.

Halal certification is not an area where everyone has it on their own way. In a true sense, a Halal Certification institution should serve with a completely independent, completely doubt-free institution system. It should establish its standards with the decisions of the Science and Fiqh Boards, which are completely independent of the Islamic Akaid. Because the functioning of the Kafalat system in Islamic Fiqh can only be realized in this way. Conscious Muslims should examine the functioning of the certifying institutions they will trust and should not trust every “Halal” certificate.

You may click on the link below to review the standards of GİMDES.

Gimdes Sertifikalama Standardı