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Dr. Hüseyin Kami BÜYÜKÖZER
“The one who does not pray namaz; does not become a kafir. But kafirs do not pray namaz.” (Abu Hanifa)

Ibadah does not leave people. Harams come between people and ibadah, block the way and people cannot see ibadah. That person cannot reach ibadah even if s/he wants to.

Every haram is like dust circulating in the air. Just as dust clings to the glass of the lamp and creates stains and the lamp’s light cannot escape, so is the case with the heart. Harams stain and darken the heart like dust in the air. As a result, people do not want to pray ibadah. Because the faith in the heart cannot affect the outside, and the ilm (knowledge) outside cannot reach the heart. This is the reason why ibadah with people stays away. It has not been seen that haram and ibadah go side by side until akhirah (the end of time).

The worshiper who commits haram at the same time is violating the law of Islam. They are anti-Islamic who see those who both commit haram and do ibadah; “That’s how Muslims are!” He will make fun of him by saying that this is the case for newcomers, causing them to start wrong at the beginning of the road. Allah will hold such servants to account: “By acting like this, you have harmed Islam.”

To avoid such stains in Islam, Allah recedes ibadah from Muslims who commit haram. Allah forbid, insisting on haram things completely distances a Muslim from Allah.

Today, I see many and great objections to people watching television and spending time on social media. While watching movies and singing with singers, the man gets so much pleasure that he cannot enjoy praying. What ibadah does this man want to do? The memory tape is full. He found his pleasure in other things. He does not want to worship. In this case, can this person enjoy pray namaz? He has to make an intervention that will make him forget songs and folk songs, clear his memory, and put Dhikrullah in their place. Otherwise, of course, he does not want to worship…

Look, my brother, as a Muslim who has to live in a Halal and Tayyib system of life, you will start to pray, they will be surprised. You will say pray; they will laugh. You will run away from haram; your friend will be less. They will force you to do the things that are haram, they will say you will not do it, they will say that you have changed a lot! You will say “Don’t do it, it is a sin.” They will say, “You also did it yesterday. Did you become a teacher today?” they will make fun of us. As long as you try to be a servant of Allah, they will drag you. You will use your mind and they will call you stupid, but you will only tell your problem to Allah. However when the day comes, they will be ashamed and will be silent. You will win.